So whats your desktop?


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Basically the question is in the title.

I just thought it would be interesting to see what desktop picture everyone was using, as i have folders full of them. If there is a new anime i like i will often go to the trouble of finding as many as i can so i can alternate and have a choice.
So how about you post up a picture, and maybe even tell us what screensaver your using aswell

It will probably be changed soon though
I've had a pic from my holiday on there, mostly to cheer me up through winter, but it's finally spring now so I may have to hunt down some new anime desktops.
Where does everyone get theirs?
I change mine about once every 2 weeks. Up until last week it was Dark from D.N. Angel - although having said that it's usually Dark from D.N. Angel :lol:
I found a lovely wallpaper of my 3 faves in Fruits Basket (and I did once have a very sexy Akito :wink: ).BTW my screensaver is a Blythe doll one. It came with my limited edition Blythe doll that cost me £353 :shock:
My love of yuri and of cute things means I have the attached picture as my wallpaper at the moment. Images captured from the brilliant MariBato! -- a MariMite based "sisters' opposition grapple game" [sic].
Ok kinda embarrassing since i made this topic, but how do i do a screen shot of my desktop?

I really love everyones desktops, the tenchi one is really funny.
Your Fruits Basket one is great Miaka-chan, i have a Fruits Basket one as well at the moment (actually my desktop has been something Fruits Basket ever since i first saw it). I have tones of different Fruits Basket desktops but i've never seen yours before Miaka, where did you get it?
Either that, or find the site you originally downloaded your pic from, save it into your pictures on your PC and then upload it when you post in this thread (that's what I did!).
Or just add a direct link to the wallpaper on the site!
If you have a microsoft keyboard try pressing the F Lock. Any keyboard with secondary functions should have a button to toggle between the regular layout and the special functions, but this will render some keys useless.

EDIT: If it's done it correctly the mouse pointer should flicker for a split second.
I have a advent keyboard and the whole computer pretty much sucks. I don't really know what the life expentancy of all the different components of a computer should be, but the transformer went in out moniter a little while ago and we had only had it for a couple of years, whats more is that it was practically impossible to get a new part so we just had to buy a new one. The mouse barely works (but then that probably has something to do we me slamming it down when ever my computers being frustrating) and as far as i can tell nothing except the normal keys work, there are a few keys at the top of the keyboard which are supposed to control videos and the only one that works is the mute....the man at the computer shop (where we got the replacement moniter from) said advent was shoddy.

So here is my desktop (but i'm not sure if it will work because i can never make these things work)

I also have a little Gohan powering up in the bottom right corner, and my screensaver ia a Lord of the Rings one
Here is my current desktop, once again from my album on this forum. Hope I'm allowed to do it this way...

<img src="" alt="Athrun and Cagalli, Yay!"></a>

I have totally forgotten where I found this.
Rurouni H; do you know if that's the title of the anime Eternally Yours?
It looks kinda cool (esp. the guy - well I'm assuming it's a guy :lol: ).