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Harem King
The Major in the books reappears in episode 13 when Violet sees his brother in the house with Gilberts mother in the books its Gilbert so they have adapted that bit
High Speed is an adaption of the second book as Free is Utsumi spirit of the books ageing them etc. The Recap films show me the new director captures Utsumis vision very well and DTTF isnt as good as S2 but its more "Free" than High Speed. As admittedly yes High Speed is the best product because Takemoto does his standard fare that most people love but it is jarring to go from the OVA of S2 to that like I did last year it was a tonal shift. DTTF also adds High Speed elements through flashbacks but that is more because of like the Friendship angle that was basically S1 and most of 2.


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Hmmm. They could still have shuffled that bit for later, perhaps. (They also cut out everything about Future-Violet, which the first half book already makes ample references to.)
But then, it will be a while until that happens I guess. Would make for a perfect teary franchise finale and since it's their own IP can't think of that happening anytime soon.

Have to watch the recap movies yet... (Still conflicted of whether doing that or to just rewatch S1-2.) But I guess I'll wait for S3 to be out, before tackling this.
I have had some years of a gap between S2 and that movie (I can't even remember what was the OVA again anymore spontaneously), but the things that left the most impressions were still all that baiting and flaunting which some genuinely great moments sprinkled inbetween them to ground them to planet Earth again.
Starting Days is still pretty puzzling to me. I should be loving it, it being from Takemoto and being that Hyouka Fan that I am, but that just didn't happen. The only thing that left any impression from going out of that movie was the letter scene at the end, nothing else stuck at all somehow.


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Redline 9.5 / 10

I popped in the Blu ray I bought a couple of days ago and it is simply a wounderful and spectacular ride. The soundtrack is top notch and the imagination for all the different characters still baffles me to this day. When you think about it that it took 7 years for Madhouse studio to produce this movie, I am still in awe concerning the outcome. I think this is also one of those animes that can convince non-anime watching people to at least have a look at the genre.

I also believe that it is special when a movie manages to make you want to watch it all over again - right away. :)


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Mobile Suit Gundam (ep1-42 complete)

Going into this I knew very little about the Gundam franchise. I've seen Origin 1-4 but that's it. And for this fairly old show I was expecting, tbh, for it to be a cartoon power rangers. No real stakes and a big fight every week, more concerned with selling toys than anything.

Oh boy was I wrong. Quite frankly this show is amazing. Dont get me wrong it's not perfect and the animation certainly shows its age (lots of recycled shots and its not always fluid) but what it does exceptionally well is character driven story.

It never holds back from showing the effects war can have on a person. Be they a soldier, a civilian, a scientist, or a poor soul caught up I something greater than they are. We see characters succumb to PTSD type symptoms, families torn apart and people pushed beyond their moral limits.

Yes it's set in a sci fi future but the human stories are very relatable and generally pretty tragic. What's more, although theres a good side and a bad side theres still characters you like on both sides.

I knows theres the edited movies as well but my initial reaction is that I wouldn't really want to cut anything out. The was a part in the middle when Char was absent that I was impatient for his return but in the end I also really liked that arc.



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I finished off The Asterisk War.

Visually, it's really nice. The characters are pretty standard (there's a tsundere, one girl is really strong but shy, the main male may as well be a grapefruit). The fanservice isn't overwhelming. The music overall is great.

It's just...OK. Everything is functional. There's nothing offensive about it. None of the characters are annoying. It's not gross to look it.

I'll probably watch the second series at some point, but it's not a priority.

If it was a meal, it would be a supermarket ham sandwich on white bread and a bottle of water. Acceptable, but not worth getting excited about - 6/10


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Sagrada Reset

Really interesting little show this. A little town where people manifest special abilities (superpowers) but to leave the town means to forget you ever had one. I like this set up and how its played out in the series. A persons power may not seem all that on their own but when used in conjunction with others great things can be achieved. The problem solving element is great and gives the characters a case to solve in each arc. The way the separate cases come together as the main arc takes over is immensely satisfying.

Theres also an interesting tone within the show where although the characters are always striving for happiness a melancholy is always present from the colour tones, to the voice acting, to the music to the fact that not every outcome is the desired one which keeps us as viewers on our toes.

Theres an element or two of Clannad S1 or Little Busters here with a boy and girl striving to help others in a slightly supernatural setting. Not sure I liked it as much as either of those but I would say this has a much more satisfying and 'real' conclusion than either of those shows. 8/10


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Space Dandy Season 1, I loved it, 10/10, Could it be better? I think it's already better than the promise of what the show is. Watched a little of it on Netflix years ago, just got the collectors editions a couple weeks ago.

EDIT: Instead of posting again I'll just say I finished season 2 and loved it just as much, except some of the episodes seemed kind of similar...
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Dragon Half

I picked up this early-'90s two-episide OVA in CEX a while back for the princely sum of £1.50. Released in the UK by ADV Films, it punches well above its weight with its clever stupidity and great tongue-in-cheek send-up of classic RPG games. Case in point in the picture below.

In the lead up to that bit of winning dialogue from the second episode, our heroine, Mink, who is half-human half-dragon, has entered a battle tournament to win money to buy a plane ticket in order to travel to see her favourite pop singer in concert. The singer in question is the handsome megastar Dick Saucer. I am not making this up.

In time-honoured fashion, our heroine has a rival, this being the haughty daughter of the villain of the piece. This lady, Vena, believes that a lowly half-dragon like Mink is not worthy of the attention of such a heartthrob as the dishy Dick Saucer and intends to thwart her chances in the battle tournament.

But wait! Did I mention that Vena has a shameful secret? Yes, it's true: Vena is in fact herself a half-slime! And I am still not making this up.

The tournament proceeds nicely, with Mink and Vena dispatching their opponents round by round, with the former accidentally removing Saucer from the running after offering him a "stamina potion" that was intended for her; it turned out to be laxative.

But then!!! SPOILER ALERT: Vena is defeated, leaving some random side character to face off against Mink in the following round! This diminutive devil fellow has some serious beef with Mink after she apparently vowed to slay his tribe. Mink, however, has no recollection of ever saying this. In a fantastic moment of fourth-wall breaking, her opponent immediately produces a VHS copy of episode one, and we cut to a shot of him kneeling in front of a small TV set with VCR, watching it to verify her claim! "They cut all my scenes!" he exclaims in horror, leaving Mink to point out that her adversary now has no reason to fight her. His retort is sheer brilliance and is best shown in this screenshot:

I won't reveal how the story ends, but lastly I want to point out that this short OVA was good enough for veteran VA Okio Ootsuka (Batou in Ghost in the Shell) to make an appearance. There's a wonderfully ridiculous scene where he pulls a sword out of the gem that's set into the front of his headgear — while still wearing it. I think I've probably said enough now.

I apparently gave this 8 out of 10 on MAL, and now I'm really not sure why I didn't give it 9. I might have to fix that. And rewatch it.

TLDR: watch Dragon Half! 😛

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Thanks Neil, I was actually gonna post this on the journal thread, but I suppose this is more appropriate (not sure I understand the benefit of just posting what you're watching with basically no commentary, and since that thread is more active, I may just continue posting there each time I finish a series, I suppose).

Absurd comedy is totally my thing, so I'll be giving Dragon Half a try eventually!

As for me, I've just finished Megalo Box.

I love sports anime for two simple reasons: pure hype and lack of malice.

I love that there are no real villains, just people like the protagonist, only with different circumstances, but with the same will to be the best.

First of all, the show looks great, even if the animation is never mindblowing throughout, it's solid all the way. To that, add beautiful backgrounds, great use of color and terrific character designs, which comunicate the kind of character you're looking at (TMS seems excellent in both regards) . I never skipped the OP because it rules and basically tells you what the anime is all about. The ED too, is extremely fitting and a bit melancholic

The premise is classic and leaves no real room for complications or twists, and that's OK. Ping Pong is top 10 material for me and its story is nothing special. But its characters are. Here, too, you get to know about the characters that face Joe, that help him out along the way and their relationships. It can make for some touching moments and it's refreshing that there are no annoying or hateful ones at all.

The series moves along at a great pace and it's the perfect length.

Easy 8 for me. The reason I don't give it a 9 is because it plays it completely straight and I would've liked to see something more daring as far as the animation and the style are concerned. I would've loved a bit more background on Joe, even if that's probably the point, considering he's a "stray dog". He reminds me a lot of Spike.

Yesterday, during my daily trip to MAL to discover who the hell's doing the final season of Attack on Titan, I read that this is getting a second season, set 7 years after the original.

I'm all in on that.
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Absurd comedy is totally my thing, so I'll be giving Dragon Half a try eventually!
Fantastic. My hope for that post was that it might encourage even one extra person to watch Dragon Half, so objective achieved! 😀

I promise you there's lots more for you to enjoy besides what's described above. Would love to hear your thoughts on it at some future point, dude. 👍
I like how this thread allows room for a bit of extra depth and detail in discussion like that.

João Gomes

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Fantastic. My hope for that post was that it might encourage even one extra person to watch Dragon Half, so objective achieved! 😀

I promise you there's lots more for you to enjoy besides what's described above. Would love to hear your thoughts on it at some future point, dude. 👍
I like how this thread allows room for a bit of extra depth and detail in discussion like that.
Will do! Yeah, now that you mention, this thread is more pleasant in that we can discuss a bit, even more appropriate for me since I don't do weekly anime, usually.

Best way to keep up to date is by following @AIR_News01 on Twitter. They post regular updates on new series and announcements.
You're beautiful and amazing, thanks to you I just watched a new commercial for my most anticipated anime thing, Spring Song! 🤤 Following that account, many thanks!


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@Neil.T and @João Gomes

Found Dragon Half online. OMG it was so good! It's a perfectly done absurd comedy (something anime can do brilliantly: FMP Fumoffu, Havent you heard I'm Sakamoto, Negima?!)

The comedy was quick and fast flowing. The story was joyously nonsense. Comedies like this work precisely because the hero doesnt know everyone is coming after them. Everyone was instantly recognisable and memorable. Quite a feat for only 2 episodes.

I've noticed the manga can be bought in 3 omnibus editions so think I'll be getting those. These OVAs were made before the manga had finished so hopefully lots more jokes and silliness to enjoy.


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Oh, I'm chuffed to bits it's found a new fan! 😀

It's just great stupid fun. And don't even get me started on Negima!? I'm a big fan of that, too. I mean that in a good way*. 😛

* Recurring line from the show
Ha. I saw Negima!? before the original series and I love it. The Makie/daddy sub plot is so funny and has one of the best pay offs for a joke I've ever seen in a show.

I love how theres always a visual joke happening on screen whilst other stuff is happening. It's a lot like Pani Poni Dash in that way. Completely mad, hilarious and brilliant.

It actually made the original series something of a let down when I finally saw it.


I saw Negima!? before the original series and I love it.
I love how theres always a visual joke happening on screen whilst other stuff is happening.
It actually made the original series something of a let down when I finally saw it.
Same here, and I agree with all of the above! It's got so many great routines where two characters are playing off of each other. Zazie and Mana with their pun-offs spring to mind, as well as so many hilarious scenes featuring the pair of mascot characters, Shichimi and Moutsu. And then there's Takahata-sensei and Evangeline with their tea ceremony discussions... I could go on.

And yes, poor Moutsu was absolutely crushed when he learnt why Makie had been calling him "Otousan"! 😂
(I mean that in a good way.)

The series was directed by Akiyuki Shinbo at SHAFT, and very much carries the signature visual flourishes of his later works such as Madoka.

But yeah, the original series was absolutely blighted by that shockingly dark tonal shift towards its end. 😬
And I also seem to remember reading somewhere that some of the animation had to be corrected for the DVD release, including a cut where a character was drawn with six fingers on one hand.

You mentioned Sakamoto before, dude. Do you rate that? I've only seen a trailer for it, but I liked what I saw.
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a cut where a character was drawn with six fingers on one hand.
Haha oh dear.

You mentioned Sakamoto before, dude. Do you rate that? I've only seen a trailer for it, but I liked what I saw
Yeah I found it really funny. I've only seen it the once but its definitely going to get a rewatch at some point and will probably become a comedy I watch from time to time.

Although Sakamoto is in essence the main character the show is almost always presented from the point of view of one his classmates which is a pretty interesting and unique way to do it. It's also fully committed to being absurd if it makes the joke better.

I didnt know anything about it when I got it so it was something of an unexpected joy for me.


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I watched episode 73 of Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal earlier - it's the last episode of the first season in Japan, but halfway through "season 2" on the dub DVDs.

It's not a popular series, but I absolutely loved it. Yuma (the main character) can be very obnoxious (one of the main criticisms the series gets), but he mellows out and gets much less annoying as the series goes on.

There's a great supporting cast of characters, loads of cool monsters and a load of antagonists too. I thought it would be a comedy series, but there's a lot of serious stuff (by YGO standard, at least) and some sad parts too. The battles never drag on too long and the animation/character design is nice.

I really enjoyed watching it and I'll be starting the second half very soon - 9/10

Professor Irony

Dragon Pilot

A quirky and original series about a young officer unexpectedly drawn in to the Japanese airforce's secret dragon division, this show could easily have been setting up for a combat-focused action adventure, but instead invites more comparison with the likes of Planetes or Patlabor, as it hones in on the comedy of errors springing from the hapless Hisone trying to forge a successful career for herself in a bizarre situation.

I was less keen on the more serious element of the story that creeps in for the last two or three episodes (it's very recognisably a Mari Okada work), but in the main, it's a fun and well animated series that deserves better than the lukewarm reception it seemed to receive in many quarters.

Black Lagoon: Roberta's Blood Trail

A gun-rattling, scenery-chewing and pill-popping return to form for the Lagoon company, there is a strong sense that this marks the end of the Black Lagoon anime, but it is a fitting and well-played send-off, that sees lovable psychopath Roberta pick up her guns one last time to extract violent revenge on the people who killed her master.

It wasn't until I was listening to the AWO podcast the other day that I realised Sunao Katabuchi, the director of Black Lagoon, is also the man behind Mai Mai Miracle and In This Corner of the World, both of which have been hailed for their strong sense of place and attention to world building detail. This does make me wonder if it's his influence that really makes Black Lagoon for me. My experience with the manga is quite limited, but having read a few chapters after originally watching the series, I didn't think Roanapur ever quite felt like the expansive, bustling slum city it does in the anime.

It is interesting that the anime version's bittersweet ending diverges from the manga, however.
Originally Roberta made a full recovery, as opposed to in this version, where she makes it home at the cost of an arm, a foot and two fingers from her right hand. I suppose it adds a sense of gravity to the scene that might not have been there otherwise, but I can't imagine Rei Hiroe being too chuffed.
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Fate Apocrypha

Solid entry to the Fate franchise this. Not as good as Zero but better then FSN. Probably ends up around UBW but for different reasons.

The animation is great. As the series goes on the battles become more tense with larger stakes the animation gets a fluid rough quality that's very reminiscent of Noein. As someone who loves that show it was nice to see that style.

It was interesting to see that this Fate series cares far more about the servants than masters. In the FSN stories the masters lead the story with their goals and ambitions and here they are completely irrelevant. It makes this series more like Drifters in that sense. Super powered demigods duking it out.

At least the servants are given, generally, good/interesting arcs, although there are so many characters in this version of Fate that several feel rushed. Too many characters is easily this shows biggest flaw. In trying to spice up the format they went bigger which isnt always better.

Ultimately I wished the show was presented much more from the perspective of Saber and their master. They were the most fun and interesting characters but were used more as plot devices for other, less interesting character's stories.

Animation, music, presentation and overall story were really good. Kinda wish the character focus was a little shifted.