Rate the last anime you watched out of 10


Yes, I stole CitizenGeek's thread from the movie section. Sue me.

If a movie thread can get to 47 pages on a semi-dead anime forum then it must be possible for an anime sister thread to better it...right?

I did make a similar topic in the past - a review thread. I'm guessing the thought of actually reviewing and not just putting a a few numbers next to a title striked fear into the inarticulate hearts of the AUKN posters, resulting in the thread dying a rather slow and painful death. I'm 99% sure this will work better since (sadly) very few people are like me.

I'm not going to make any demands because I can imagine how stressful it would be for some posters to put together a coherent sentence. HOWEVER, it would be nice if you could find the time to express your thoughts with a few words and not just numbers.

Note: Feel free to rate individual episodes but I feel it'd work out better to use the "What have you viewed?" thread for single episodes.


Kannazuki no Miko - 7/10

Although the plot was beyond retarded, the yuri romance was handled well. It's far from the best anime I'll ever buy but it was worth the price I paid.

Orguss 2 - 6/10

A mess of a series. Not a bad watch for only £2.99 but I can fully understand why it isn't a popular title.

Shana - 7/10

Shana promised so much in the early episodes. Sadly, it turned out to be no more than a generic and mostly forgettable shounen series. It moved at snails pace because of the love triangle that left me feeling indifferent and the ending, as well as the fights that took place near the end, were completely unfulfilling. I can't see myself watching the Shana film or second series.

Shana OVA - 7/10

Slightly more entertaining than most of the S1 episodes but, when it comes down to it, it was no more than a copy of every other anime with a hot spring episode. Oga's yaoi imagination got a few chuckles out of me - it's a shame she didn't appear very often in S1.
Aion said:
Orguss 2 - 6/10

A mess of a series. Not a bad watch for only £2.99 but I can fully understand why it isn't a popular title.


Nah, but seriously, Orguss 2 is one of my fave anime, largely because it has a decent background for it. True I have yet to see more than a few snippets of the origional series (Not only not released over here, but not fansubbed to my knowledge either) but it gives the series a depth that many anime lack.
What bothered me the most was how forced the character development was. The blue-haired girl went from hating the lead to loving him in no time, and the lead character's other girlfriend candidate switched from being nice to turning the blue-haired girl in like that *clicks fingers*. In short, the pacing of the scenes was very poor and left me feeling very little for the characters.

The one character I did like was the one who made the infamous 'kind' threat to a woman. But, like with the rest of the cast, his character changed with little to no build-up - he changed from a guy happy to kill for money to a guy fighting for his uncle in an instant. And it was never explained why the heck he had the main character join the military in the first place... I can only assume it was an illogical action done so that the main character had more involvement in the plot.

As for the story, it was bizarre. At first it started out like a standard mecha series, with the main character getting forced to enter a mecha and fight, and then it switched to non-mecha political maneuvering and spying, with the political parts reminscent of medieval Berserk. Then, towards the end, it turned into some kinda of battle to save the world by unmerging dimensions that had merged.

Overall, my main problem with the series is how rushed it was, which is why I described it as messy. But, at the same time, I think it being so rushed and short saved it from getting rated lower by me - nothing in it struck me as original or 10/10 worthy, so I can't really see it being improved a great deal if the story had gone on for longer.
Rahxephon - Last anime I finished recently.

I had mixed feelings throughout about this one. There were bits I liked, and then there were bits that made me groan.

I hate jumping on the bandwagon (as I know this is a common complaint about the series), but the continual visual quoting of Evangelion did get in the way of my enjoyment. Mainly because it felt so unnecessary, the characters, direction and story would have had enough going for them on their own, without these micro homages occuring every episode.

Looking at the more positive aspects, the ideas surrounding the Mulians were quite intriguing and the characters felt multi-dimensional rather than one track. The drama in the series was by far the stronger point for me, rather than the awkward mech battles. In all honesty though, some of the plot was lost on me

Maybe I owe it a second viewing, but ultimately this one just didn't work for me. It wasn't bad, but I rarely got anything above moderate enjoyment or interest from it.

Full Metal Panic: The Second Raid - 9/10

I posted my thoughts on TSR in the viewing journal thread, so I'll keep it short.

Before watching this series I'd more or less dismissed the possibility that serious business Full Metal Panic would ever be anywhere near as entertaining as comedy Full Metal Panic. But TSR succeeded in changing my opinion by virtue of its fascinating character interaction and development, tense plotting, and brilliantly directed action scenes.
School Rumble Ichi Gakki Hoshuu (Extra Class OVA thingy)

School Rumble is one of the few slice-of-life/school-life anime that I really enjoy. Extra Class is quite simply a very nice extension to the first series. Can't fault it really, except maybe one of the side-stories, which was a bit...hmmm...

And i'm never one to skip a good bit of hot springs action. 8)
Ashamed to admit this on an anime forum but I have only just finished watching this
Cowboy Bebop 9/10
I can now see why this is one of the most highly rated anime shows and is regarded by some as a classic. I thought it got the balance of action to wackiness spot on, which really helped me enjoy it even more. As an example one of my faviourate episodes features Spike fighting some crazy fat guy in a children's theme park, on Mars.
Cowboy Bebop also reminded me a lot of one of my faviourate shows, Firefly, and I found myself drawing a lot of comparisons between the two.
Good stuff 9/10
Noein - Insert Japanese nonsense here-

"I couldn't stop watching the minute I turned it on."

Stick that on the back of one of the volumes, Manga Ent.


Next will probably be GTO or maybe Karas.
Hyper Police - 8/10

Anthropomorphic bounty hunters in a futuristic Japan chase criminals and cause massive amounts of destruction in the process. But it's the slice-of-life elements that I enjoyed the most because the antics of the characters are so much fun to watch. It reminded me of Patlabor TV in that regard, although the characterization is nowhere near as strong. Add a hefty dose of visual humour and you have a show that's practically impossible not to like. Uh, what else? It has a catgirl. And a foxgirl. And a three eyed, three boobed anthropomorphic hooker.
Kamichu! 8/10

It's a great series, laid back fun.

When schoolgirl Yurie finds out she is a goddess, she has to find out which kind of goddess she is and how to use her powers.
Future Boy Conan 7/10

Miyazaki's Second (and final) Tv series, though notably he did not direct all of the episodes. This is pretty clear in truth. The early and later episodes are mostly done by him, and it shows - The begining and end of this series is extremely good, and classic Miyazaki through and through, and episode 25 ranks amongst the best stuff he has done in my opinion. The middle of the series however lags a lot, which is a pity. Perhaps if it were a 13 episode series it would have been amazing. As it is however, for 1978, it still looks great, and is still a good watch all round. However it would take a few more years for Miyazaki to hit the top of his game.
Wing Of Rean
Take a young lad rebelling against authority transported to a distant land caught in a civil war and Machiavellian politics and intrigue in both the real world as well as fantasy land.
While very pretty, with unique mecha design, and a fairly decent (if somewhat generic) plot. the problems with the show are two fold but linked to its length. It's 6 episodes long but tries to fit in a plot for a longer series. Its rushed, to the point of confusion. People swap sides more often their underwear, and since most of the mecha look the same so battles between them are more a case of remebering who's who, and were the shifting alliances lie rather than anything else. It's not bad, just not good either. Too rushed, to short for what they are trying to achieve.
Dragonball Z season 2
Great action and fun to watch. After watching Neon Genesis Evangelion, Its good to watch an anime thats not so damn complicated.
megagold5 said:
School Rumble Ichi Gakki Hoshuu (Extra Class OVA thingy)

And i'm never one to skip a good bit of hot springs action. 8)

lol i pissed myself at that segment xD

Kanon (2006) 10/10

i just loved how much Kyoto worked on this, and just listening to Chris Pattern being cynical suits him best :3
Noein (rewatched) - 9/10

I find that the best anime series are the ones you can rewatch and still rate highly. The second time you watch an amime is never going to be as enjoyable as the first time because you already know what's around the corner, so the quality has to be high for it to still entertain. It doesn't surprise me that I gave Noein 9/10 the first time I watched it and gave it 9/10 after rewatching it many months later. It's a wonderful series that EVERYONE should watch.

It does have its plot issues: an awful lot of the plot is never explained or the details are kept vague to the extreme. With the added quantum physics fun, it's unlikely normal people will finish the series with a clear picture of exactly what went on and why certain things happened. I mean, I'm still ignorant as to why the Dragon Torque even existed in the first place and don't understand why Noein needed Haruka if he had already started merging dimensions. What makes the lack of information acceptable is the fact that, first and foremost, Noein is a character driven series, and it has lots of likeable/cool characters.

More of my thoughts can be read here: http://forums.animeuknews.net/viewtopic ... 0&start=18

Even though the pound kinda ruins the bargain for UK people, I STRONGLY recommend you who don't have the R1 box set try to get it. It's unbelievably cheap, has wonderful video quality, the subtitles are near perfect and I find it hard to imagine anyone disliking the show.
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Suprised so many people are raving about Nioen.
Mermaid Forest
Take one mermaid, lightly kill, finely slice and serve as you would sashimi. Tastes like the finest fish. Note side effects may include bulging eye's, blue skin, unchecked dental growth, death or immortality.
The story follows Yuta, a simple fisherman who happens to eat some mermaid flesh and gets the third option. His other two friends get the other two. Thing is after 500 years of watching friends and loved ones die ( as well as 'dying' a few times himself) immortality has kinda lost its appeal (well it lost it's shine after his wife died). So now he is searching for a cure so he can grow old and die (not just die).
The series jumps between Yuta's past and present. The past focuses on both his search for a cure but also his loneliness as he realises that everyone will die on him despite his feelings for them. The present focus on his relationship with Mana, who is then 1st person he 's come across who has survived eating mermaid flesh. The show in the present period focus more on how people deal with immortality.
All in all it's a very gentle series simllar to Mushishi as it wanders through Japan investigating leads on supernatural wierdness looking for a cure. The animation while old is clean and with a good about of detail especially since most of the characters are unique. Its a good show which only has the problem of lenght. Its far too short and doesn't have a suitable definitive ending, just a stop in teh series.
My-Hime - Volume 3 and 4. the plot gets thicker and the differences between the manga and the anime are more apparent now.

chaos said:
My-Hime - Volume 3 and 4. the plot gets thicker and the differences between the manga and the anime are more apparent now.
Last night I finished up watching the fifth disc of My-Hime. My opinion of the show went from "hey, this is all right" to "ZOMG, this is rather awesome". It all hits the fan in epic fashion. The wait for the final volume (I'm renting via mail) will be a painful one.

9/10 for those five episodes.