Rate the last anime you watched out of 10


Amagi Brilliant Park

As the title suggest this show is brilliant. Thoroughly enjoyed it. It manages to feel really charming and relaxing to watch whilst actually being quite a hectic and loud show. The cast is fun and memorable, the story is unique. It has a nice hook that gives a season arc whilst allowing each episode to be a stand alone story. It's also funny. I found myself breaking out into laughter several times. It's silly but it's fun and has several running gags that get a good pay off.

It's also interesting how no one is perfect. Everyone has a flaw or two they are fighting against. At a glance the main character seems like he might be a perfect isekei type. But he has his own demons hes battling against and putting on something of a front to get the job done. Hes certainly no one-man heroic army.

I cant believe it's taken me so long to finally watch this. I definitely feel like I'll be giving it a rewatch eventually. 8/10
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Completely Average High School Student

I love this series, great animation, music, story, characters, there's a few moments where it feels like it drags, or that certain characters are one dimensional, but it still holds up. 9/10

Also I forgot to watch the movie, so I'll have to get to that.

Kill la Kill

I'm catching up on all kindsa series and I didn't get around to finishing this one when it was on Netflix but I bought the blu-rays anyway, and it's awesome, I love how over the top it gets, even when it's trying to tell a serious story it's goofy as hell, I kinda wish it didn't end, but it's a perfect length, 24 episodes tells the story perfectly, the 25th episode isn't needed but it's just a little bonus thing, no big worry. 8/10