Rate the last anime you watched out of 10


Dragon Knight
I finished Oreimo. It's a very sweet series, with a likeable cast of characters. The story is nice - there's plenty going on and it never gets boring. I prefer watching shows dubbed where possible, but I still loved this even though it was sub-only.

I'll watch something else next, but I've got season 2 to look forward to!



Brigade Leader
Darling in the Franxx First Part 7/10
Not as bad as I remmbered.
It has a lot of good elements that made worthwhile for the most part.
Zorome was my favourite character despite being shafted after episode 10
Zero Two is cool
Hiro is lifeless as potatoes but least he wasn't offensive like Yuno or Shu.
Overall pretty soild first half.
I hope part 2 will be good.
I hope the Blu-Ray fixed the crappy animation in the final 4 episodes.


Completely Average High School Student
Just finished Golden Kamuy and I loved it, 10/10. Great characters that are really lovable, interesting story with comedy moments as well as more dramatic scenes. I rarely read manga, only when anime picked my interest, and I'm going to read Golden Kamuy and I'm hoping to see next season soon.

Professor Irony

AUKN Staff
FLCL: Progressive

In the end, I liked this a little more than I expected to. I'm not the biggest fan of FLCL, but this still looks and sounds great, and I wouldn't say I enjoyed it any less than the original. It could do with either developing its characters and themes a little more or losing about half an hour from its running time, but I think it does enough to justify its existence as a sequel, beyond a mere attempt to cash in on the illustrious name. At the very least, it deserves to find an audience, rather than being sent into oblivion by poor decisions on where to release it.


Dandy Guy, in Space
Bacano! Blu ray

This show is so good. Effortlessly cool. Crazy characters, mad story, non chronological story telling and a fantastic OP. It also looks great on the blu ray version.

Even the "epilogue" episodes were way better on the rewatch. The amount of character story being told in them is actuallyboretty astonishing and really drives home the shows primary question of "what even is a story?"

16/10 (one point for every episode...yes I realise that's a little pretentious of me but whatever. This show is awesome.)

Edit: also the voice acting in the dub is exceptional