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[Overseas] Anime News & Announcements

Discussion in 'Anime News & Rumours' started by Just Passing Through, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. Iluvatar

    Iluvatar Brigade Leader

  2. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Death Scythe

    We know Andrew likes Kenji so probably.
  3. crashmatt

    crashmatt Vampire Ninja

    Never heard of that film but it looks intresting. UK release please.
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2017
  4. NormanicGrav

    NormanicGrav Hai Hai Grav desu Moderator

    The entire list for Funimation's June 2017 line-up is up on my blog. I was busy at Uni when this came up so I just put it on my blog to save myself the time.

    Various notes:
    - Akira gets a Steelbook release. Same content as the previous.
    - From the Sunrise package deal; Code Geass: Akito the Exiled (all 5 OVAs together), and Outlaw Star.
    - Outlaw Star gets a CE; 100 page booklet also included.
    - Origin: Spirits of the Past gets a combo pack re-release despite already being placed in the S.A.V.E. line.
    - No LE for Assassination Classroom Season 2 nor The Seven Deadly Sins.
    - Dragon Ball Kai concludes, One Piece Season 9 begins and Fairy Tail collections start the 2014 series.
    - Ping Pong is coming to S.A.V.E.
    - Samurai Warriors has returned with a dub, still DVD only.
    - KanColle is the next Crunchyroll title to be released.

    Meanwhile over on Sentai's end, both GATE and Monster Musume are part of the July line-up.
  5. Buzzkillington

    Buzzkillington Pokémon Master

    Did Anime Limited release season 1 on their own or was it a Funi one? Curious if we'll get something that matches season 1 over here or not :/ I really liked the wee box we got (even though the book thing was stupid....).
  6. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Death Scythe

    It was a clone of FUNis that's why the amaray had to be replaced with US smaller ones
  7. crashmatt

    crashmatt Vampire Ninja

    The GATE set my be quite pricey as its 2 cour I'd probably wait & see what MVM do with it, the Outlaw Star set by Funi is fugly and our version is much nicer.
  8. Buzzkillington

    Buzzkillington Pokémon Master

    Ah that's a shame (I asked because I thought our box was slightly different from FUNis one). I kinda hope Anime Limited do something with it and give us a box something like the 1st seasons anyway.
  9. Jon O Fun

    Jon O Fun Great Teacher

    I think the UK spine was different. White lettering instead of shiny grey. An improvement if you ask me.
  10. LukSkywalker

    LukSkywalker Brigade Leader

    Idk if someone post it but JP Gundam Wing Bd Box 1 and 2 are going to be rereleased in June at a slightly lower price. The same goes for the movie. But it seems they will be missing the outer boxes.
  11. NormanicGrav

    NormanicGrav Hai Hai Grav desu Moderator


    The entire list for the Sentai Filmworks July 2017 line-up is up on my blog. I was busy at Uni when this came up so I just put it on my blog to save myself the time.

    Various notes:
    - The greatest show of all time gets a collector's edition set.
    - GATE also receives a collector's edition set, both seasons are together hence the higher price-tags.
    - Rin-ne Season 2 is a complete collection set rather than split into two collection sets.
    - Valerian & Laureline is English audio only; this is a French/Japanese co-production.
    - Gatchaman Fighter is the next title from the old Tatsunoko license deal.
  12. Gemsy-chan

    Gemsy-chan Dragon Knight

    *cries* still no The Legend of the Galactic Heroes.

    Damn that Gate set looks nice but I didn't like it enough to shell out that price for it.
  13. crashmatt

    crashmatt Vampire Ninja

    Im very tempted by that GATE set its pricey though I will wait an see what its up for on WOW HD
    The Monster Musume set is a bit disappointing IMO, not sure why it just seems like a jumble of cards to me so I will wait for the MVM version.

    On another note Sentai seem to be running out of 'big' shows with only Food Wars left.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2017
  14. britguy

    britguy Za Warudo

    That Monster Musume set is full of nose bleed inducing images...... Not my cup of tea though.

    GATE looks good. Who has it in the uk? The French AL release looks adequate.
  15. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Death Scythe

  16. Rosencrantz

    Rosencrantz Dragon Knight

    Looks like I'll be picking up Gate and Monster. I'm kinda disturbed that a collectors edition of Monster would basically mean doubling up or more on price, might have to save my pennies for other items.

    I guess having the choice is nice but I do miss being able to buy a Funimation art box for £3-4 extra as the most extravagant option.
  17. NormanicGrav

    NormanicGrav Hai Hai Grav desu Moderator

  18. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    Hoorah! I've been wanting to watch Hyouka forever, but I never did because of no legal streams. Will certainly pick this one up.
  19. Joe

    Joe Student Council President

    Re: Hyouka announcement:
  20. Swifty

    Swifty Completely Average High School Student

    is this real life?