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Discussion in 'Anime News & Rumours' started by Just Passing Through, Dec 2, 2014.

  1. thedoctor2016

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  2. NormanicGrav

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    is this just fantasy?

  3. Jaysgba

    Jaysgba Thousand Master

    I downloaded it last year to watch it, but then I decided to be good and wait.
  4. britguy

    britguy Za Warudo

    Add me to the list of people who have wanted hyouka for an age.

    Official announcement or just teasing so far!
  5. thedoctor2016

    thedoctor2016 Dragon Knight

    They are being a tease but there is a FUNi panel later
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  6. NormanicGrav

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    Funimation will be releasing Record of Lodoss War (TV & OVA) as a Blu-ray & DVD combo pack - the TV series is DVD only as there are no HD masters for it.
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  7. britguy

    britguy Za Warudo

    I've liked and then unliked that! I thought they might have at least done their own bd upscale rather than having two formats for one collection.
  8. elaniel

    elaniel Vampire Ninja

    Give me Lodoss, NOW!
    It's my favorite series and I am so happy to see this after the way MB ditched it five years ago without releasing it.
    The CPM release of the TV series looked garbage (even back in the day), I'm sure even with Funimation doing DVD only it will still look tremendously better.

    Honestly, I have the biggest smile on my face.
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  9. Yami

    Yami Great Teacher

    Now that looks sweet.
  10. Peachy

    Peachy Bumpkin AUKN Staff

    Lodoss has my interest.

    Me too! Held out for so very very veryyy long.
  11. Lambadelta

    Lambadelta Stand User

    I've heard of Lodoss War, and I haven't found a fantasy anime from the 90s I've disliked yet so if the price is right I may end up getting it.
  12. Ferensviel

    Ferensviel Kiznaiver

    I absolutely love that cover design, the dark blue and gold looks so classy and the image they chosen is perfect.
  13. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    I am also quite interested in Lodoss War. Will certainly pick that up, or a UK copy should AL decide to bring it over.
  14. crashmatt

    crashmatt Stand User

    I would more older releases to make it over here Lodoss certainly sounds interesting. I would really like Gosick over here as well Please AL
  15. Zin5ki

    Zin5ki Railgun

    If this show fails to make its way to our shores, it will be no lo(do)ss for me!
  16. Rui

    Rui Karamatsu Boy Administrator

    Came so close to buying the German version of Lodoss earlier this year. This version will be mine (the TV series was only so-so anyway).

  17. NormanicGrav

    NormanicGrav The Eagle-Eyed Member Moderator

    Hyouka Part 1 due July with a Funimation dub as a combo pack.
  18. Rosencrantz

    Rosencrantz Dragon Knight

    Yes it does seem a bit odd they'd not upscale, maybe too niche to be worth it?

    it's been such a long time since I've been able to watch the Lodoss OVA (friend used to have it on VHS) so It'll be good to pick it up at what'll hopefully be a good price.
  19. NormanicGrav

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    The July 2017 line-up from Funimation has been revealed. More info on that (is on my blog, because I'm a lazy git).

    Note that Funimation did confirm Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches for July at Anime Boston, however it never showed up on the slate.
  20. Rosencrantz

    Rosencrantz Dragon Knight

    So, just found out Kizomonogatari Part 2 is coming out 9 May 2017. A forum search shows it was posted in the Aniplex thread but I don't think it was ever mentioned here? :(