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    BIG O! FINALLY! Season 1 is pretty amazing.
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    Good to see Kino rescued, I already own the original UK release but glad to see more people watching this fantastic series
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    I like that Sentai are doing standard BD/DVD releases alongside the collectors editions where possible.

    I picked up one or two of the very early ones but I'm finding them to be slightly questionable value recently, so have skipped most of them. It's nice to have the option to go for a collectors set for a show that I really enjoyed though.
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    The smell of red tape is overpowering!

    The adhesive especially.
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    Toonami in North America have revealed that One Piece will be leaving the line-up with its final episode airing on March 18th. The show will conclude with the end of the Thriller Bark arc's filler; Spa Island Arc (382-384). The show will be replaced with Tokyo Ghoul on March 24th.

    Current deadline dates for its current shows:
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    So excited for this it's fantastic news and I'm a huge fan. Hope it's 2 cour. It's not been confirmed its Madhouse yet though.
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    Funimation have unveiled an early title from their upcoming June 2017 line-up. Coming from the Crunchyroll partnership is the Kantai Collection, known as KanColle for short. The show's first season will be available as a Blu-ray & DVD combo pack on June 27th. An English dub will be included.


    And to further surprise people, Samurai Warriors will be getting an English dub, also due for June 27th. Still DVD only by the looks of it.
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    Amazon JP lists volumes for Ancient Magus Bride stating up to episode 24 so it seems to be a 2 cour show.
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    Sound of the Sky on BD, that's indeed great news.
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    im not familliar with Sound of The Sky, the premise sounds interesting at least