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The red head is actual male and he is the main character. In fact they could all be main characters but I’ve always considered Adlet as the main one.
Lol I clearly haven't watched it, I just saw the first volume of the Light novel/manga had the white hair chick on the cover and assumed she was the main character.
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Hyouka part 1 is still available everywhere 7 months later so I'm sure part 2 will be the same.

I'm waiting myself. Too many other early birds at the moment and I don't plan on rewatching it anytime soon.
FYI: A new addition to the ‘releases of ours close to being out-of-print’ list is Ping Pong The Animation Ltd Collector's Ed. Blu-ray+DVD
Does anyone in the know know whether a BD standard edition of Ping Pong is likely?
(And yes, that sentence was grammatically sound. ;))