1. G

    Manga the collection R2 DVD

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to see if anyone can help me or point me in the direction of somewhere i can find out more information on a set of anime dvds I have been collecting. The covers are for manga the collection region 2 dvds and are numbered in Japanese. So far I have 12 and am clearly...
  2. Doctorkev

    Aria manga reprint

    Aria The Masterpiece Manga (1-7) Bundle Only 4 days left to pre-order this apparently final re-print of the entire “Aria” manga. I heard this is a really good series. I am thinking about getting it. The blu ray of the first anime season comes out in the UK soon from MVM too. Anybody read this...
  3. SAHO

    Kickstarter Thread - Anime & Manga Projects "Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life." Inspired thread idea from: A thread to show projects that have recently launched and are currently active in KICKSTARTER relating to Anime, Manga...
  4. H

    Shonen Jump comics for sale

    Hi All. I am looking for a good place to sell my Weekly Jumps from 1990-1996 I have almost every issue over that time frame. But due to moving, I am not able to accommodate these anymore. If there is anyone on here who is a serious collector, or if you can point me in the direction of an outlet...
  5. SAHO

    SAHO's「rebirth」anime /manga sale collection

    OUTDATED - MASSIVE REVISION DUE (Add new items, unavailable items removal and price drops etc.) --------------------------------------------------- Current progress of items added to the thread: 54% 🛍️ Items for sale: *updated 🇬🇧 DVD (UK Release) 🇺🇸 Blu-ray (US Release) 🇺🇸 DVD (US...
  6. Bastino

    Bloody Mhika manga

    Synopsis: The Musipa clan was cursed with the "DEATH BY CHIKWAMBO" curse, destined to die by the hand of the beast, but Mudiwa Musipa found a solution. A solution that would save his family from despair and alter the fate of the world, but one that his son Munatsi will have to carry out to save...
  7. Captaaainuniverse

    The Cap’n sets sale! The Cap’n’s sales thread

    Hello, you wonderful people! Hopefully these prices aren’t too random, so without further ado, here’s the sales for some anime, manga, and some pc parts too! Anime (all Blu-ray) Black Butler Book of Circus CE £15 Noien CE £12 Perfect Blue SE £5 Eden of the East CE £15 Tokyo Marble Chocolate CE...
  8. Luckyharm

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    Okay so i've recently started watching the seven deadly sins and i've only watched season 1 and the 1st 6 episodes of season 2 and so far I'm loving it there are so many twist and turns to the show. I have some questions to ask fans of the show i would absolutely love to hear some of your...
  9. dreambaked

    Akio | Warring Kingdoms, Kung Fu & Fantasy

    Here is the Arc artwork for a manga i'm currently creating and launching, an intro to the plot: Akio was the youngest living member of the fractured Dragon clan. A naive, but strong, 19 year old. He lived with his grandfather Saruwatari, hidden outside of the corrupted central kingdoms of...
  10. S

    Fullmetal alchemist and Dgrayman doujinshi for sale from artists Houseki hime and Ciel 33.3

    Hi guys i still have all the houseki hime and a ciel 33.3 doujinshis for sale! If interested please pm here or email at and just to note they are all in japanese! 1.traumerei by idea/houseki hime Fullmetal alchemist 2.amato discord by idea/houseki hime Fullmetal alchemist...
  11. M

    Hi guys! Manga lover here

    Hi guys! I'm an anime and manga fan. Been into this community for 5 years now and love it even more. It's more than just a personal hobby. I run a few sites based on that niche. Nice to be here
  12. The Animetuber

    Hey my fellow Otaku

    Hey guy's ^_^, my name is Marti, I'm 21 years old. I am like you passionate about the world of anime. For my part, this passion came to me at the age of 6 with manga and at 10 with the arrival of streaming sites. I decided recently to start my own YouTube channel under the name "The Animetuber"...
  13. Jack Beard

    Selling alot of manga

    Heya im moving soon and its too costly to take im selling them all :D all my manga is in great condition and will be delivered as so if you see anything you like just comment, ill get back to you Postage will be added on top of the price but i will use the cheapest option Paypal as...
  14. Captaaainuniverse

    how much is a manga collection worth?

    just a query. and I'm not talking about long running series like beserk or AoT, I'm more specifically talking about OOP titles. I have the full 27 volumes of excel saga, and individual volumes are hard enough to find, with some that are actually OOP or impossible to get. what could that fetch?
  15. Seripa

    Massive Manga Clearout

    Hi Having a massive clearout of my manga collection, Can post pictures on request however will simply list all that are available for now! In excellent condition unless stated otherwise. all items have price stated not including postage and obviously I will try and keep that as low as possible...
  16. J

    Manga and Figures to sell

    Hello all, Im having a clear out and have got a few things to sell. Most of the figures have never been out their boxes and some of the manga has not been touched. All are in basically brand new condition. Feel free to ask anything, will also take nearest offer if i feel is good enough. Some of...
  17. NormanicGrav

    MCM London Comic Con - October 2016 News Thread

    It's time to get curious and witness the new set of announcements from this October's MCM London Comic Con. Both the folks at Manga Animatsu and All the Anime will be unveiling new titles at their panels and various parts of the day. MVM status is unknown but they'll most likely unveil theirs...
  18. NormanicGrav

    [Overseas] The Otakon 2016 Thread

    Disclaimer: I won't be able to update you all on the news that's occurring this weekend because I'm on holiday, but some of you have offered to do the job while I'm out, so cheers. Otakon is the latest anime convention to appear at this time of year. It's one of the biggest events for anime...