Okay so i've recently started watching the seven deadly sins and i've only watched season 1 and the 1st 6 episodes of season 2 and so far I'm loving it there are so many twist and turns to the show. I have some questions to ask fans of the show i would absolutely love to hear some of your thought of this anime as i love to hear what people think as well as asking the questions i've also answered the questions too so you know what i think if i was asked too.

Out of all the Opening which is your favourite and why?

Mine has to be opening 2 because i feel it so deep with emotion and you can connect with some of the characters.

Who is your favourite sin member ?

I know that i haven't yet meet all 7 but mine is Ban.

What sin Would you describe your personality ?

For me it would have to be the sloth sin as i'm more of a indoor person and if i don't have to do something i won't if i have to do it i'll do it as quickly as possible.

What is your favourite thing/part/scene of the seven deadly sins?

My favorite thing about the show is the friendship between Ban and Meliodas i just love their bromance if you can call it that i just love the scene where they meet for the 1st time in season 1.

If you could get 1 character from The seven deadly sins and 1 character from another anime of your choice to meet and do a spin off show who would you choose and why ?

I haven't watched that many anime's just a handful but if i had to from the anime's that i've had watched i would most probably choose sebastian from black butler to meet Meliodas because they are both demons however completely opposite and both have different intentions and it be interesting to see how well they would get along.

Right lastly this question is for those that have read the manga and watched the anime how different or accurate is the manga compared to the anime and which one do you prefer?

I cant answer this one as i haven't read the manga and haven't watched all the anime.

Looking forward to hearing your thought on these question and please no spoilers as i haven't watched all the anime thanks :)