Akio | Warring Kingdoms, Kung Fu & Fantasy



Here is the Arc artwork for a manga i'm currently creating and launching, an intro to the plot:

Akio was the youngest living member of the fractured Dragon clan. A naive, but strong, 19 year old. He lived with his grandfather Saruwatari, hidden outside of the corrupted central kingdoms of Dalos. But one day while he was honing his clans martial arts style, an intruder attacked.

The assailant was after a specific gemstone that plays an important role in the fate of Dalos. But how did he know where to find them? And how did he know about the gem?

In search of answers Akio risks life and limb. The more he uncovers about the war for knowledge amongst the 7 kingdoms the more questions he needs answering. The journey leads deep into a conspiracy that involves his family and reaches to the upper echelons of society In every kingdom of Dalos.

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