Manga the collection R2 DVD


Hi everyone,

I'm looking to see if anyone can help me or point me in the direction of somewhere i can find out more information on a set of anime dvds I have been collecting.

The covers are for manga the collection region 2 dvds and are numbered in Japanese. So far I have 12 and am clearly missing a few for a complete collection.

The thing is i have spent hours using goggle to try and find more information on these releases and can't even find a dvd list to find out how many there are/which ones i am missing.
Am i right in thinking this has sometjing to do with the ultimate collection magazine/dvd?

If anyone can point me to a website or forum with more info i would be very appreciative!
Ah, yeah those were sold in newsagents along with a magazine, much like those partworks model kits where you need to keep buying the magazine to get the next part to build the model. I'm not sure how many there were in total or what all the titles were, but I'll ask around, I do know some folk who might have a better idea than me.
It's actually this series we're talking about:


I might have a leaflet that shows the whole collection. Leave it with me, and I'll have a look for you before the day's out.

I dug out the leaflet that I mentioned before and took a quick photo. Just ignore the red blocked-out gaps in the leaflet's image: it's purely a stylistic thing.


It turns out that there are 15 titles that were part of "The Collection". Possibly in numerical order, they are:
  • Amon Saga
  • Landlock
  • Sword for Truth
  • Vampire Wars
  • Psychic Wars
  • Red Hawk
  • Bubblegum Crash
  • Violence Jack
  • New Gall Force
  • Dark Myth
  • Rayearth
  • Tokyo Revelation
  • Madox 01
  • Armageddon
  • Dangaioh

Note that the post above is referring to "Manga Force: The Ultimate Collection", which is a separate thing from what you were asking about here.

I hope this helps, dude. đź‘Ť