1. Neil.T

    Miscellaneous mecha discussion thread

    Welcome to the miscellaneous mecha discussion thread on AUKN. This is a place where you can air your thoughts and opinions on the best (and worst!) that the mecha genre has to offer. From older classics like Gunbuster and Gurren Lagann, through currently airing new series (Back Arrow at the...
  2. Doctorkev

    Funimation app completely broken, Cells at Work Code Black problem

    I hate Funimation. Their app completely fails to function for me on the PS4. Up until recently their Apple TV app functioned acceptably. Now it fails to stream anything. All I get is an empty black screen after selecting a show. I have no problems with any other services. Tried signing out...
  3. NormanicGrav

    Legal Streaming for Winter 2021 Anime Simulcasts & Catalog Additions

    For quick access to the older streaming threads: 2017: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn / 2018: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn 2019: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn / 2020: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn 2021: Winter Welcome to the Winter 2021 anime seasonal line-up thread. Going...
  4. L

    Fun Anime Podcast - made by me and friends

    Basically me and my friends made an anime related podcast in which we talk about our favourite anime / characters and introduce ourselves. Would love feedback from anyone who would like to watch :)
  5. A

    Anime Blu Ray For Sale!

    All blu rays shown are brand new, some are sealed. If interested just reply to the forum and we can discuss payments, bank transfer or PayPal is fine. Willing to negotiate prices for some so don’t be afraid to ask. Also willing to sell all items shown at a massively discounted price Sword art...
  6. torukojin

    Want to start a Animé Convention in Essex

    Hi everyone ^_^ I have ambitions to start an Animé convention in Essex but obviously i can't do it on my own. If anyone is interested, please PM/DM me. (Only serious people who are interested, please) Thank You ^^
  7. M

    plea and announcement of campaign of soloing project

    hello, nice to meet you! (Im so sorry if this doesn't belong to here) my name is Makoto Kuga-a passionated video creator from Japan- Today I have a plea and announcement of the campaign of my soloing project" Chrono clavis" this is the 3DCG full-length video which made just by one person-yes...
  8. Samueltaka0

    Hey new here! Recently moved to Aldgate.

    Heyo I never really join forums and such so this is my first time xD so I'm still learning how everything works and such. As the title says I recently moved to Aldgate (for those of you who don't know that's in London. E1) and was looking for people who live around said area o/ I like making...
  9. Captaaainuniverse

    The Cap’n sets sale! The Cap’n’s sales thread

    Hello, you wonderful people! Hopefully these prices aren’t too random, so without further ado, here’s the sales for some anime, manga, and some pc parts too! Anime (all Blu-ray) Black Butler Book of Circus CE £15 Noien CE £12 Perfect Blue SE £5 Eden of the East CE £15 Tokyo Marble Chocolate CE...
  10. SteelTurnip

    Azumanga Daioh Exclusive Complete Collection Valuation Needed

    Hello :) I was wondering if anyone was able to help me with a valuation on my Azumanga Daioh Exclusive Complete Collection (Booklet/Notepad & Pencil inside), please? I have been trying to look around and get a general price for this set but I cannot seem to find anyone selling this particular...
  11. Luckyharm

    The Seven Deadly Sins

    Okay so i've recently started watching the seven deadly sins and i've only watched season 1 and the 1st 6 episodes of season 2 and so far I'm loving it there are so many twist and turns to the show. I have some questions to ask fans of the show i would absolutely love to hear some of your...
  12. Captaaainuniverse

    Happy Sugar Life episode 7

    wowee what a mess the characters have been in this series, I think that's turned some people off by now but it's that much more rewarding to the people who've stuck with it. this one's a bit of a head scratcher with the Main Event of the episode; the apartment. if you've seen it, the rest of the...
  13. P


    hello there! I made a video for a Anime blog Youtube channel. Just a simple top 10, based on AniChart
  14. W

    Aggretsuko merch

    Hey guys. We are currently selling Aggretsuko merchandise on our eBay store, and will be getting more in stock soon. We have this official sanrio tote bag for sale here - Aggretsuko Tote Bag - Brand New and Official | eBay
  15. S

    Kuroko no basket authentic plush auction yahoo Japan

    Hi guys! I have a lot go authentic kuroko no basket plush for sale. If you are interested please email me at or dm here. And me know which character you want! Plushes available are: 1. Kagami Taiga 2.Aomine Daiki 3. Atsushi Murasakibara 4..Kuroko Tetsu 5.Kise Roya 6...
  16. S

    Naruto(acute girls)Sasuke x Naruto doujinshi for sale

    Hi guys! I have a lot of Sasuke x Naruto doujinshi for sale if anyone is interested. Please either DM or email me at for further enquiries! Thank you
  17. Bryan Admiraal

    BBFC Passed Anime Updates

    The Asterisk War past bbfc 12 and up and uncut Search for releases | British Board of Film Classification
  18. inalin


    HELP~_(:з」∠)_ Which animation is this anime character from?
  19. M

    Hi guys! Manga lover here

    Hi guys! I'm an anime and manga fan. Been into this community for 5 years now and love it even more. It's more than just a personal hobby. I run a few sites based on that niche. Nice to be here
  20. Y

    Selling a rare anime on eBay

    Hello I’m selling naoki Urasawas Monster Region 4 Naoki Urasawas Monster Region 4 DVD UK Seller cheapest price free postage | eBay