1. S

    Kuroko no basket authentic plush auction yahoo Japan

    Hi guys! I have a lot go authentic kuroko no basket plush for sale. If you are interested please email me at [email protected] or dm here. And me know which character you want! Plushes available are: 1. Kagami Taiga 2.Aomine Daiki 3. Atsushi Murasakibara 4..Kuroko Tetsu 5.Kise Roya 6...
  2. S

    Naruto(acute girls)Sasuke x Naruto doujinshi for sale

    Hi guys! I have a lot of Sasuke x Naruto doujinshi for sale if anyone is interested. Please either DM or email me at [email protected] for further enquiries! Thank you
  3. Bryan Admiraal

    BBFC Passed Anime Updates

    The Asterisk War past bbfc 12 and up and uncut Search for releases | British Board of Film Classification
  4. inalin


    HELP~_(:з」∠)_ Which animation is this anime character from?
  5. M

    Hi guys! Manga lover here

    Hi guys! I'm an anime and manga fan. Been into this community for 5 years now and love it even more. It's more than just a personal hobby. I run a few sites based on that niche. Nice to be here
  6. Y

    Selling a rare anime on eBay

    Hello I’m selling naoki Urasawas Monster Region 4 Naoki Urasawas Monster Region 4 DVD UK Seller cheapest price free postage | eBay
  7. Boudi1

    First AMV'S

    hello , Guys well I'm New here , and of course new to the very anime community , so i kind of start working on some AMV's . Currently i made two here are the links and i really hope guys that you watch and tell about any possible improvements. 1- Based on the Fairy Tail series Fairy Tail Amv...
  8. lucamilly

    Anime Recommendations

    Could anyone recommend any good anime series? my personal favourites are; Samurai Champloo, death note and attack on titan. I would rather stay away from the magical and superpower anime series but I'm interested in Samurai. I also don't like very old anime. Thanks!
  9. The Animetuber

    Hey my fellow Otaku

    Hey guy's ^_^, my name is Marti, I'm 21 years old. I am like you passionate about the world of anime. For my part, this passion came to me at the age of 6 with manga and at 10 with the arrival of streaming sites. I decided recently to start my own YouTube channel under the name "The Animetuber"...
  10. NormanicGrav

    Legal Streaming 2018: Q1 Winter Season | The Year of the Sequels

    For quick access to the older streaming threads: 2017: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn / 2018: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn 2019: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn / 2020: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn Welcome to the official Winter 2018 legal anime streaming status thread, where I...
  11. Notice Me Senpai Game

    Notice Me, Senpai: A Card Game About Love, Sushi, and Giant Robots!

    Hey, guys! We all love anime, but can you think of a game you can play with your friends where you can share and celebrate that love? We couldn't, so we made Notice Me, Senpai, a card game where the objective is to compete all your fellow Kouhais to win Senpai's affection! We've brought on a...
  12. Professor Irony

    Anime Nasties: A Youtube (Mis)Adventure!

    My unsavoury pals from Ghastly Tales occasionally cajole me into contributing reviews of horror anime for their channel and we got a new episode up last night, covering Devilman's three main animated outings ahead of the upcoming Yuasa series due next year. Come marvel at what I actually look...
  13. Emiri_Abubu

    Great concept arts from anime Kraft.

    Saw something worth mentioning. There was a reveal of an anime called "Kraft", totally love the post-apocalyptic concept art and clips from the show. The style reminds me a bit of Hayao Miyazaki's work. They started funding there are more concept art released KRAFT:Anime Series Could be...
  14. nosmilingmilo

    My Anime Inspired Mixtape

    Hi there, I've recently recorded and released my latest mixtape and video. I produced, mixed, mastered and engineered the entire project by myself and recorded it in my dorm room with no budget. It took about 9 months to put this all together. I came up with a story line for the project, which...
  15. miltfox

    (animaton inspired by Studio Ghibli films)

    Hello all! I made this video of my art collection (inspired by Studio Ghibli films) Please drop me a comment on this I would be very appreciated thank you
  16. TakamakiJoker

    Your opition on Cex selling anime DVDs/Blu Rays

    Personally I have mixed opinions with Cex selling anime as a hold because while they sell anime for a good price especially the out of print ones I don't like how they check the discs or cases for anime. For example I saw a beat up Witch Hunter Robin Box set 1 and 2 which looked terrible not to...
  17. NormanicGrav

    Legal Streaming 2017: Q2 Spring season | Stream Wars: The Amazon Strikes Back

    For quick access to the older streaming threads: 2017: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn / 2018: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn 2019: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn / 2020: Winter - Spring - Summer - Autumn Welcome to the official Spring 2017 legal anime streaming status thread, where I...
  18. N

    The Evangelion thread

    This is a general-purpose thread for discussing all things Evangelion. I'd like to kick things off with... A year on from Manga's UK release of Evangelion 3.33, are there any little details you continue to notice about the film or Rebuild in general? For me, it took a while to tune into a...
  19. miltfox

    Kaspars .C creative anime art

    Hi! everyone My name is Kaspars Cibulskis I am an Artist, Actor and I love art and animated films I have been living for past 6 years in the UK/ Derby/ before I came to UK I studied in Norway art academy. Have been doing mixed styles of art such as manga, Japanese anime and also free hand...
  20. TheKazeTrigger

    Re-releasing anime in the UK

    I was just wondering that of what anime you like to see a re-release by a different anime distributor in the UK? For me I hope these following anime will get a re-release someday. This is my opinion. Anime Limited. The Big O Wolf's Rain Planetes .hack series Gundam 00 Gundam Wing Gundam Seed...