Notice Me, Senpai: A Card Game About Love, Sushi, and Giant Robots!

Hey, guys!

We all love anime, but can you think of a game you can play with your friends where you can share and celebrate that love?

We couldn't, so we made Notice Me, Senpai, a card game where the objective is to compete all your fellow Kouhais to win Senpai's affection! We've brought on a bunch of anime-loving artists to give each Senpai a different style and feel, like our own eclectic anime tastes.

If you want to own and support the game, check out our Kickstarter here!: Notice Me, Senpai! A Game of Love, Sushi, and Giant Robots!

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We'd greatly appreciate any love you could give us, either by sharing the game through word of mouth or donating any amount you can give! Please help us make this idea a reality!

Candace April Lee
Lead Artist at Sugoi Squad LLC.
(Yes, we actually named our company that.)