1. SAHO

    Kickstarter Thread - Anime & Manga Projects "Our mission is to help bring creative projects to life." Inspired thread idea from: A thread to show projects that have recently launched and are currently active in KICKSTARTER relating to Anime, Manga...
  2. M

    plea and announcement of campaign of soloing project

    hello, nice to meet you! (Im so sorry if this doesn't belong to here) my name is Makoto Kuga-a passionated video creator from Japan- Today I have a plea and announcement of the campaign of my soloing project" Chrono clavis" this is the 3DCG full-length video which made just by one person-yes...
  3. Notice Me Senpai Game

    Notice Me, Senpai: A Card Game About Love, Sushi, and Giant Robots!

    Hey, guys! We all love anime, but can you think of a game you can play with your friends where you can share and celebrate that love? We couldn't, so we made Notice Me, Senpai, a card game where the objective is to compete all your fellow Kouhais to win Senpai's affection! We've brought on a...