Anime Nasties: A Youtube (Mis)Adventure!

Discussion in 'Creative Arena' started by Professor Irony, Jul 29, 2017.

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    My unsavoury pals from Ghastly Tales occasionally cajole me into contributing reviews of horror anime for their channel and we got a new episode up last night, covering Devilman's three main animated outings ahead of the upcoming Yuasa series due next year. Come marvel at what I actually look like, or just enjoy some completely incongruous countryside travelogue, but only if you promise to like, subscribe, etc.

    I'll blink twice if I'm being forced to review anime against my will.
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    I didn't realise you had done some for their channel before but i've made sure to subscribe to them for future. The devilman series has interested in for the longest time and i'm still quite interested to watch them, but i guess knowing where to start was always the issue, or whether just reading the manga is/was the best option available. the 87 outing does sound like a dream to watch for animation however, so i am inclined to give that a go at the very least
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    Thanks man :)

    I can definitely recommend that first film, it's a real oddity.
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    >"Standard fodder for Manga's audience looking for a pint, kabab and a bit of ultraviolence before the days of Strictly Come Dancing"

    And there goes my drink.
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