Hey new here! Recently moved to Aldgate.


Heyo I never really join forums and such so this is my first time xD so I'm still learning how everything works and such. As the title says I recently moved to Aldgate (for those of you who don't know that's in London. E1) and was looking for people who live around said area o/ I like making friends and being able to talk about all the different kinda of animes/manga we're into and just in general having a good time with mates.

I don't have a specific genre I don't like...hmmm I guess yaoi but I mean I'm okay with light yaoi. I like pretty much everything else even shounen as it's something I grew up with. So regardless of its faults yeah I do like shounen alot xD you could even ask about something and if probably be into it.

One of my fave franchises has to be the FATE series. I love everything about it from the diverse character pool, each of them with their own backgrounds and stories to the amazing animation, music, character designs and ofc the epic battles. Currently waiting for Heavens feel part 3 \o.o/

Also a avid ps4 gamer. Dunno what else to say haha don't be afraid to hit me up for a chat or if you live around the area and just wanna say hi o/
Hope I can meet them soon
Try searching for "Fate" in the Viewing Journal thread: