1. Samueltaka0

    Hey new here! Recently moved to Aldgate.

    Heyo I never really join forums and such so this is my first time xD so I'm still learning how everything works and such. As the title says I recently moved to Aldgate (for those of you who don't know that's in London. E1) and was looking for people who live around said area o/ I like making...
  2. NapTaku

    Princess of naps, an introduction

    I'm a weeb/nerd/geek and a huge procrastinator. And napper. My internet hobbies are spending all my time on Steam adding to my wishlist, collecting steam badges to get backgrounds, emoticons and get past lvl something or other, writing late reviews and probably pointless guides, then on...
  3. The Only Star In Heaven


    Hi, I am the only star in heaven. I'm 21, from the Isle of Man and have been into anime since I bought the Lucky Star boxset in 2011 for my 15th birthday. ^^ My favourite anime includes: K-On! Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Wolf Children Summer Wars Ouran Host Club Lucky Star The Girl Who Leapt...
  4. The Animetuber

    Hey my fellow Otaku

    Hey guy's ^_^, my name is Marti, I'm 21 years old. I am like you passionate about the world of anime. For my part, this passion came to me at the age of 6 with manga and at 10 with the arrival of streaming sites. I decided recently to start my own YouTube channel under the name "The Animetuber"...