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    Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

    Re: Anime that is Cut in the UK... The definitive thread. Cheers dude. I was reading through (I lurk here a lot) and I'm like 'this post looks somehow familiar!' lol. xD Yeah the new guidelines are a bit weird. I don't mind raised age ratings, so hopefully they'll just restrain themselves to...
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    Anime That is Cut in the UK: The Definitive Thread

    Re: Anime that is Cut in the UK... The definitive thread. Not wanting to be 'that guy' but if you're doing research at least credit your sources please, especially before giving others permission to go ahead to use them. Not that it really matters I guess, it just took me quite a while to...
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    late 80's/90's anime

    Some real nice titles on that list (although I'd hesitate at Red Hawk and Legend of the Four Kings ;-) ) 8 Man After... man I've not heard anyone mention that in ages! XD I will add: Project A-KO Roujin Z Wicked City Love City/Ai City Wind of Amnesia
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    London expo

    I saw you posted a highlighted map of the comic village ealier in the thread, and assumed you the person actually manning the table - looks like I was wrong. ^^; (I was on another table diagonally behind that one y'see) Whups! Apologies, lol! XD Agreed. Friday was especially good for...
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    London expo

    Expo was pretty good this time. Was able to say hi to Aogu before the madness started, but I think I missed Chaos while I was out on a shopping spree. (much financial damage was done, lol)
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    London expo

    Will be heading out in a bit so I can set up my table. We're C67 in the comic village, about the 4th row in the comic village. It's gonna be intense! @_@ Will be spending more than I earn methinks! XD
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    Eden Of The East (Blu-Ray) - Delayed

    Dunno, judging by this it looks like it's been more than put back: ... ight=Karas Cancelled outight it seems. Wasn't massive fan personally, but I thought it was pretty popular so unusual they should drop it. :/
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    New Anime Releases 18/10/2010: Prof Layton & Nausicaa

    Got Nausicaa in the post yesterday and watched it today. It's so pretty! X3 Fingers crossed Layton will land tomorrow.
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    Nausicaa - Blu-Ray

    Mine's dispacted from play as well. Got the £10.99 price as well. :3
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    Professor Layton Pre-Order trouble?

    Mine's packing, didn't realise it was that popular! :shock: Really been looking forward to it (especially the book as I've taken a fancy for storyboard books recently). Ccan't wait! :D
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    Manga 3rd Announcement Clue?

    Wouldn't mind the Fullmetal Alchemist OVA disc. I'm tempted to import it to check it out if they don't release it here...
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    Lady Snowblood

    It's Kazuo Koike. Pretty much everything I've read of his has this kind of content be it Lone Wolf and Cub or Crying Freeman. ^^;
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    Lady Snowblood

    It's been said but may as well chip in to say it's definitely 4 volumes (I have them innit). The first film's cool. Heard mixed things about the second one so kind of skipped it.
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    Kaikisen Return to the Sea/ World Apartment Horror questions

    Nope, neither have been officially translated. Although what with Kon's recent death (I'm still sad about it!) I wouldn't be surprised if one or two publishers were sniffing around it. *crosses fingers*
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    Other Good Horror Manga

    You could try some Hideshi Hino. I recommend Hell Baby as it's quite mental. :D There's also the Hino Horror series, but they're incredibly patchy from excellent to utter pants so only if you're taken with his stuff. Tomie's pretty cool. (re-printed as Museum of Terror) It's just...