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Lord El-Melloi II ep 2
An interesting case.

Hakata Mentai! ep 2
An argument over the best Tonkotsu Ramen.

Demon Slayer ep 15
The sidekicks stop screaming at each other long enough for some action to take place.
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Symphogear XV episode 2 - Oh this is a good call back to season 1. I've missed this kind of brutality in the series and the villains are looking pretty interesting.

Demon Slayer episode 15

Fruits Basket 1st Season episode 15

Girls Last Tour [Rewatch/Dub] episodes 1-3 - Thought I'd try another dub after Bloom Into You. This is pretty good so far.


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Boruto: Naruto Next Generations episode 115 Kakashi goes undercover and helps some side characters.

Genshiken Pt.2 episodes 1-12 (Complete. A good follow up that even managed to develop a nice relationship or two between club members. The humour felt a bit zanier and more lewd here also but worked for the most part.) 3.5/5

Dragon Slayer

Za Warudo
Attack on Titan Season 3 (English Dub) Episode 20

Isekai Quartet (English Dub) Episode 12 (Complete)

Sword Art Online Alicization (English Dub) Episode 24 (Complete)

BEM Episode 1
This was a good first episode that got straight the story plot.

Re:Stage! Dream Days♪ Episode 2
First performance and a new club member.

Teasing Master Takagi-san 2 Episode 2
Just how much more adorable can this get.

The Ones Within Episode 2
Well... this just got weird and creepy.


Death Scythe
Space Warrior Baldios - Episodes 29 - 34 [Final] (Blu-ray)

Bleak and brutal to the truly bitter end, but it ends up in a bit of a mess due its premature cancellation though I still really enjoyed it. Onto the movie now to try and see how it should have finished.


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Cop Craft episode 2 I’m liking this, another solid outing.

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts episode 3 causing trouble.

Genshiken: Second Season episodes 1-13 & OVA (Complete. This season brought in a new set of characters who were good additions to the cast and were arguably more engaging than some that had come before.I liked the focus on Madarame and his development, especially considering he easily could have just remained a caricature of an otaku type.

I felt that this was the strongest season overall, though it doesn’t adapt all of the manga and ends on an anime only episode so I have some reading to do.) 4/5


Ep 1 of it
Ep 2 of Dr could really do without Taiju
Ep 15 of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
Ep 3 of To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts


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Macross Zero episodes 3-5 [End] - An OVA series set before the events of SDF Macross. While the story and characters are a bit rough the animation and music more than make up for it. The heavy use of CG animation may ring alarm bells for some but this series seriously features some of the best CG animation especially for a show produced in 2002 resulting in some fantastic action sequences. Overall a good anti-war story with great production that doesn't outstay it's welcome. 8/10

Macross Frontier
episode 1 (Yack Deculture Edition) - Moving swiftly onto the third main series and one I've heard great praise for. Watched the Yack Deculture version of the episode as it mixes the Deculture and broadcast versions into one 32 minute episode. Already looks to be a great instalment as it dives straight into the action and introduces the main cast with some nice references to the franchise' history here and there.

-Super Dimension Fortress Macross - 8/10
-Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Do You Remember Love? - 8/10
-Super Dimension Fortress Macross: Flash Back 2012 - 7/10
-Macross Plus - 8/10
-Macross Plus Movie Edition - 9/10
-Macross 7 - 6/10
-Macross 7: The Galaxy is Calling Me! - 6/10
-Macross 7: Encore - 5/10
-Macross Dynamite 7 - 6/10
-Macross Zero - 8/10
Macross Frontier
Macross Frontier Movie: The False Songstress
Macross Frontier Movie: The Wings of Goodbye
Macross FB7 Galaxy Flow Soul: Listen to My Song!
Macross Delta
Macross Delta Movie: Passionate Walküre


To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts ep 3
Building walls around your heart.

Seems the Funimation PS4 app has stopped working. The ad plays (or rather doesn't still, you just get a few seconds of sound and a blank screen) and then the video gets stuck on the loading screen, I'm guessing people paying aren't getting this problem? The website through the PS4 browser seems OK apart from the Funimation watermark and Cookie Consent button both in the bottom right corner. Except it kept stopping and saying that the stream isn't available (you know the one I'd actually been watching!). So a-sailin' I go to where streams actually work!

Hensuki ep 1
Who's a good girl. I think I may see where this is going, at least with the girls quirks.

Kochouki ep 1
Rather intense end to this first episode.

Cop Craft ep 1
Seems like a fairly gritty story, but with reverse Isekai comedy moments. Liking the cast and music as well.

Dragon Slayer

Za Warudo
Fairy Tail (English Dub) Episode 314

Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest Episode 2
Exploring the Labyrinth.

Cop Craft Episode 2
Good stuff, I'm really enjoying this one.

Hensuki: Are you willing to fall in love with a pervert, as long as she's a cutie? Episode 2
A date and crazy fetishisation.

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts Episode 3
Another backstory and another monstrous fight.


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To The Abandoned Sacred Beasts episode 3
These last two have been an improvement on the first episode for me.

O Maidens in Your savage Season episode 2
Good comedy. One of my best for the season so far.

The Demon Girl Next Door episode 1
Give it a chance.

Wasteful Days of Highschool Girls episode 2
Better than the first one.


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Arifureta: From Commonplace to World's Strongest (Japanese audio) - Episode 2

Just like last week's episode, this week is also rushed but at least they went back and adapted parts of the first chapter to help provide some context on what is going on. Unfortunately, as such, the pacing is a mess and a lot of the third chapter was rushed. They're adapting the rest of that chapter for the next one which I would have thought they would place in this week's episode, had they not brought up the flashbacks (personally I feel they should have just saved that for an OVA that would properly adapt the prologue & first chapter, but that ain't happening).

Still, I really like the opening song and the character visuals throughout. I just wish there was more polish done to the adaptation now. I'm still going to watch the series since it does grab my interest enough. I do think the anime will get better as the story progresses, primarily because it focuses more on Hajime than the classmates (based on what I have read of the first novel) and they'll have less back and forth with the flashbacks.

Examples of rushed or cut content are as follows (spoilers for Light Novel 1 & around 5-6 episodes of the anime):
  • The Prologue of Light Novel 1:
    • The introduction of the classmates.
    • How the classmates got into the fantasy world.
  • Chapter 1:
    • How Hajime was treated by his classmates throughout.
    • The priests going over their world's situation. - This part was briefly covered in Episode 2.
    • The semi-introduction of the royal family (very brief but adds to how even the fantasy characters like Kaori).
    • Classmates' stats and what jobs they were given. The reactions afterward.
    • Hajime studying in the library and monologuing about the demi-humans.
    • Training segments, including more instances of Hajime treatment by his classmates. - Mini-second covered in Episode 2.
    • The Labyrinth entrance, and the first 20 floors (well more so primarily the 20th floor).
    • The fight with the Behemoth. - Briefly covered in Episode 1.
    • More coverage over Hiyama responsible for targeting Hajime; from spying on the Inn discussion to the moment that he takes the shot against him.
    • The post-battle scene, with Kaori in shock and eventually being knocked out by the captain. - This part was covered in Episode 2.
    • The post-labyrinth scene with Hiyama and an unknown person blackmailing him.
  • Chapter 2:
    • Hajime going into detail about how he is leveling up during the floor with the Claw Bear. - Briefly covered in Episode 1.
    • Kaori sleeping while Shizuku trains, then spots Hiyama along the way. - This part was covered in Episode 2.
    • Kaori wakes up and Shizuku comforts her. - This part was covered in Episode 2.
    • Kaori wanting to get stronger to find Hajime with Shizuku helping her. - This part was covered in Episode 2.
    • Kouki and Kaori's friends meet her after she is woken, Hiyama spies but gets spotted and runs off.
  • Chapter 3:
    • Hajime's journey from Bottom of the Labyrinth Floor 1 all the way to the Pandora's Box room. - Briefly covered in Episode 2.
    • Hajime going into more detail about how he's progressing with his level.
    • Hajime's encounter with Yue, naming her. - This part was covered in Episode 2.
    • The Scorpion battle.
  • Chapter 4:
    • Hajime and Yue have a conversation about the labyrinth and how Hajime ended up meeting her.
    • The classmates & Captain return to the palace and report the news to the King. - Briefly covered in Episode 2.
    • The reaction over Hajime's fate with the classmates and the palace.
    • The classmates returning to the labyrinth.
    • The classmates vs Behemoth battle in Floor 65.
    • Hajime and Yue facing the Raptors in the Bottom of the Labyrinth Floor 99.
    • Hajime and Yue discovering the cause of the Raptors and locate the source.
    • Hajime and Yue preparing for their venture into Bottom of the Labyrinth Floor 100.
    • Hajime and Yue vs the Hydra in Bottom of the Labyrinth Floor 100.
    • The Hoelscher Empire pays a visit to the palace to meet the classmates.
    • The Hoelscher Empire test Kouki's skills.
    • The Hoelscher Empire's Emperor appears, and afterward mocks Kouki's presentation and the palace.
  • Chapter 5:
    • Hajime and Yue find themselves at the main base of operations for the labyrinth.
    • Hajime and Yue explore the surrounding area and discover a coded message that explains the truth of the world.
    • Hajime and Yue gain new skills from the message.
    • Hajime and Yue decide to spend their time living in the base to build up and prepare for the path back to the entrance.
  • The Epilogue of Light Novel 1:
    • The first brief appearance of the Bunny girl.
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Neon Genesis Evangelion (new dub) eps 20-24 rewatch and eps 25 & 26 (complete)

Magical Sempai ep 3
More silly antics with the not-so-magical girl.

Are You Lost? ep 3
More survival tips.

KINMOZA! ep 10
Mostly about sensei, but had other scenes without her which sort of broke the flow a bit.
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