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Watching Studio Derp (deen) Fate/Stay Night. Its not half as bad as its mde out to be. The only think I dislike is that Shirou is a full on Shounen idiot. I don't want to fight blah blah blah. You're in a Fate series mate!
Seen it myself the other week, I did put it on the thread too. Shirou is far more concerned with saber's well being in this one. Sadly in fate limited him nor archer get the development as they eventually do in unlimited


The Wildcard
Black Clover episode 23 There's always another villain

Overlord II episode 10 Some interesting politics at hand.

El Cazador de la Bruja episodes 16-26 (Complete. A fun series that incorporates a good road trip adventure and solid action and characters. There's also some decent lore ties into the setting. My main issue with the series is L.A., the dude just bores/annoys me every time he's on screen. Towards the end there were also some predictable dramatic events/story traits that had me sighing a bit. Overall a fun watch.) 3.5/5
Violet Evergarden ep3-4

Felt in the mood for something a bit calmer tonight, so decided to give this another shot. These seemed like a stronger couple of episodes, but I think I'm also appreciating the series more now that I know better what to expect from it.

I totally agree. Isnt there a version wher Shirou get jiggy with saber or jave i just imagined it?
Yeah, this happens.

that's probably the VN, I've also heard that the guy who kidnaps rin actually rapes her that's the VN though, and I haven't seen those
Haven't played enough to say if this happens or not though.
Basilisk season 2 episode 7
Well... this episode was a little more interesting towards the end. Still can’t help seeing this as a cash grab. It’s still not very good.
Tokko (complete)
Fairly enjoyable, but had a rushed ending with an ending that wasn't the ending 😵 Apparently the Manga was cut short as well.
There was an interesting moment when Sakura sacrificed herself to give Ranmaru her powers, but they hadn't set the romance up that well enough for me to care enough and then she appeared alive right at the end!


Guide to the whether it's a 1st time watch or re-watch: (r) = Re-watch; (x) = First time; (w) = Watched in the last year; (?) = Honestly can't remember!; (na) = Not anime.

Afro Samurai Directors Cut (r)
Afro Samurai Resurrection (?)
Akira (w) Don't own the MF Collection version
Appleseed (r)
Armageddon (x)
Astroboy: Greatest Astro Adventures (x)
Baldr Force Exe (x)
Blood: The Last Vampire (r)
Black Blood Brothers (x)
Black Jack (x)
Bubblegum Crash (x)
Casshan: Robot Hunter (x)
Danté's Inferno (na)
Dead Leaves (x)
Dead Space: Downfall (na)
Ghost in the Shell (w)
GitS: Innocence (w)
GitS SAC: Laughing Man (x)
GitS SAC: Individual Eleven (x)
GitS SAC: Solid State Society (r)
Golgo 13: The Professional (r)
Heat Guy J (r)
Hellsing Ultimate Vols 1-4 (x)
Highlander: The Search for Vengeance (r)
Ichi (na)
Jyu-Oh-Sei (x)
Kai Doh Maru (r)
Karas: The Prophecy/Revelation (x)
Lupin the III: The Secret of Mamo (x)
Macross Plus (r)
Macross Plus the Movie (x)
Millennium Actress (r)
Naruto the Movie: 1 & 2 (x)
Negima!? Spring & Summer OVAs (x)
Neon Genesis Evangelion Death & Rebirth (r)
NGE End of Evangelion (r)
Ninja Scroll (r)
Noein: To Your Other Self (x)
Orguss 2 (x)
Origin: Spirits of the Past (r)
Otogi Zoshi (r)
Perfect Blue (w)
Psychic Wars (x)
Read or Die (r)
She: The Ultimate Weapon (r)
Shigurui: Death Frenzy (x)
Space Adventure Cobra (x)
Strait Jacket (x)
Street Fighter: Alpha (x)
Street Fighter: Alpha Generations (x)
Street Fighter: II (x)
Submarine 707 Revolution (x)
Sword for Truth (x)
Tactics (x)
Tokko (r)
Tokyo Underground (r)
Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Overfiend (r)
Urotsukidōji: Legend of the Demon Womb (r)
Vampire Wars (x)
Virus: Virus Buster Serge (x)
X (x)

A Place Further Than the Universe ep 11 (twice)
Another great episode finally revealing something about the past of one of the girls and bringing them even closer together. Also some exploration stuff in Antarctica, seems like a total side story of the show, but I don't care because the girls are all human rather than tropes and their relationship with each other is brilliant.

Children of the Whales ep 1
Seems there might be an interesting story. Beautiful background art.
A Place Further than the Universe ep 2 (well, the first half, anyway) (dropped)

I just... don't connect with this on any level. The cast are just way too caricatured for me. I blame script writer Jukki Hanada for this; I just don't think he can write convincing character interaction to save himself. He did the script for Beyond the Boundary as well, and I struggled to ever really get into that series. The second film was good, though.
Where's that dislike button? 😜 You didn't even get to the best scene in the episode!

To me they are among the most realistic characters I've seen in anime. They aren't just one note tropes, as they have strengths and weaknesses. They fight and make up in (fairly) realistic ways, some of the drama maybe a little forced sometimes, but its never too OTT.
Oh well, affinity - 200! 😝