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Shirobako (rewatch) (completed)

This is like my 7-8th rewatch, but this time with BDs. Great like always

Hozuki's Coolheadedness (rewatch) (completed)

Again I have rewatched Hozuki maybe 3-4 times now, and its always funny and great. Glad to have the BDs
Black Lagoon eps 7-10 - showing the series to my next-door neighbors.

Also, we watched RWBY V5C14, the last Chapter of Volume 5. My neighbors are huge RWBY fans now, thanks to yours truly. Now the long slog of a wait until Volume 6 starts in October.
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Blood+ Episodes 11-50 (completed)

Definitely a great show to watch. It is a tad slow at points, and I feel some parts where just unneeded padding to the whole thing.

I watched it dubbed, and nearly all the casting was good except for the use of the same voice actor for 3 sub-characters and sounding exactly the same for all 3 characters... If ur going to use someone for multiple characters then please get people with a wide vocal range.


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Sister #12 END

Not much finality here played like a regular episode. Though a complete waste of 10 mins on uninteresting backstory on MC, if someone made it 12 eps in I don't think they care about the characters back story.

Katana Maidens #1

Nothing says a new anime season without some guilty pleasure shows, didn't expect much from this so far #1 was mostly fine but with a cast of majority females, designs especially unique designs are needed here and for the most part they did a good job quite a few of these girls are nicely designed, obviously got some generic designs but what seem main players are unique enough.


Death Scythe
Macross Plus ep 1 - Its only taken me 15 years to get round to watching this. Its pretty good but boy does it need a remaster/ HD scan.

Lupin III eps 1-4 - its episodic but entertaining so far, this is my first foray into the world of Lupin


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Basilisk: The Ouka Ninja Scrolls episode 3 I'm honestly not sure whether to keep watching this or not, will give it another week.

Serial Experiments Lain episodes 7-13 (Complete. It's hard to put into words exactly what makes Lain a really good series. It's almost always uncomfortably quiet, often relying on long pauses and sparse dialogue, whilst presenting themes of technology and mankind amalgamating as one. The further Lain advances within the cyberspace, the further she finds her reality fall apart. It has an often unnerving atmosphere but also a subtlety to its presentation.

I'll not spoil any of the story points, since this is definitely a series to watch and explore with ones own outlook and mindset. Some will really like this, and others probably won't, it's that kind of anime. I also love the OP "Duvet" by Boa, and the animation allows for some very surreal and trippy imagery. I personally very much recommend that any anime fan checks this out.) 4/5


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Karakai Juz No Takagi-san ep 3
The teasing continues, I assume there isn't going to be too much more to this than that, but people on MAL that have read the manga say there is some story developments.
The side character segments were amusing enough (they're apparently from a spin off manga).

Nobunaga Concerto eps 5-7
Continues to be informative, although I have to keep going to Wikipedia to explore the subject more. Interesting that the real Nobunaga (in the story) takes the name of the man who killed the real Nobunaga (in real life). I wonder how that's going to play out?


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Darling in the Franxx - Episode 2

I found myself rolling my eyes a fair bit during this episode and I found it kinda middling, but I am interested to see where it goes.


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A Place Further Than the Universe ep 4 (twice)
Quite a lot of text translation so had to watch again as I kept missing the lines and didn't have time to pause and go back as I was on my break first time round. That and it was another great episode!
Some lovely art in this episode as well as the usual mix of emotions that every episode has had so far.


Nobunaga Concerto eps 8-10
Lots of events going on which gets a bit confusing and then it just ends. Apparently the manga was ongoing when this aired, so there may be a second season.


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Overlord II-Episode 3

I do love how they're getting us invested in the Lizard side of things, makes the battles more interesting for the viewer, as we're kind of rooting for both sides.

Yu-Gi-Oh-Episodes 13 and 14

Barakamon-Episode 8

Cardcaptor Sakura-Episode 39


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Pop Team Epic #1....

Ehh it was okay, couple of laugh out loud moments but it is one of those shows that where the fad will be over after a couple eps, kinda like how Sausage Party omg they're swearing died 20 mins into the film no longer became fun but rather obnoxious. I don't see myself sticking with this show.


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Kobayashi's Dragon Maid #13

I am mad. Up until this point this show was great but holy hell did this episode piss me off. I hate absolutely hate when comedy shows like this decide they are gonna become a full on drama near the end. Recently happened in Yamada and 7 witches and I didn't like it, but here cliché after another oh look Toru is gone for good the cliché of you don't know what you have until it is gone, and they even followed it up with a stupid cliché montage of MC struggling without Toru, then Toru comes back with her stupid family drama and then the cliché of MC standing up blah blah blah same crap you see all the time oh look at that everything gets resolved in a nice little bun, then Kobayashi I swear how many times is she gonna mull over not telling her the rice was good, you could just have her say and boom development without this dumb drama crap they had to shove down out throats. Adding crappy drama feels like a cheap way to add development to characters. If a show has mixed in drama elements from the start then its is fine, like Clannad it had humour but the drama was there from the start and I knew what I was getting into but these shows that start all comedy heavy then decide to end all dramatic it doesn't work it is not what I signed up for.

Was thinking of picking the show up physically but now I am not so sure awful episode has soured me completely.