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Again you sum up my thoughts perfectly. Not really anything to add other than I agree.
I can satisfyingly buy the show on DVD now lol.

I'm tempted to rewatch Clannad now... March is FMA rewatch time though so it's kinda too close may put it off until the summer just before I do my massive Fairy Tail rewatch.

Guess this means every or most Januaries will be Kanon rewatch time!
I can satisfyingly buy the show on DVD now lol.

I'm tempted to rewatch Clannad now... March is FMA rewatch time though so it's kinda too close may put it off until the summer just before I do my massive Fairy Tail rewatch.

Guess this means every or most Januaries will be Kanon rewatch time!

If you wanted to buy I’ll probably be selling my DVDs at some point... assuming you mean Kanon.

Wasn’t very keen on clannad though. :p
Darling in the FranXX episode 4 Yes!!! Shinji Hiro finally got in the damn robot. Oh and The adults here are still as inept as ever, I mean I hated Gendo and co but they got things done. Best episode so far, I hope they keep the momentum here. Oh and "I can feel myself going deeper in you!"

Pop Team Epic episode 5 The worst episode so far, but the hiccups sketch was hilarious.

The Ancient Magus' Bride
episode 17 Hide and seek tends to turn deadly when magic is involved...

The World God only Knows II episodes 1-12 (Complete. Another very fun season that maintains the quality of the first set of arcs, whilst having some funny stand alone episodes. Side note: I have 70 ish manga chapters to read before the OVAs/season 3, how'd they manage to miss so much content considering it was already published. Oh well I'll get around to it eventually.) 4/5

This Art club Has a problem!
episodes 1-2
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Kakegurui ep2

I really like this show, but I now realise what the mistake in the Netflix subs I saw mentioned on twitter was. Also noticed a slightly dubious line about card girl being the 'daughter of the largest toymaker' - surely 'scion of' or 'heir to' would make more sense? It's not the end of the world or anything, but it makes you realise how much we take quality subtitles for granted now.

Pop Team Epic ep5

Nice boat.
The mention of MAL total days was brought up so here's mine for reference:

Friday: Tokyo Ghoul live-action (theatrical screening)
I'm not the greatest expert on Tokyo Ghoul as a franchise, so all I can do is judge this as a film in its own right. I enjoyed it; it easily surpassed my expectations of a live-action film based on a manga property. Put it like this: it's waaaaay better than the Attack on Titan live-action efforts!

Yesterday: Harmony (rewatch)
I got on better with this on second viewing, but it's still very problematic as a film.

Watching the on-disc trailers for other Funimation titles helped hammer home one point, though. Put it like this: Harmony's still waaaaay better than Empire of Corpses! (Those eyebrows...)

Here's mine. I can only put my completed levels above others though lower in days down to movies? ovas?


I haven't posted here for some time so what I'm watching:

Kakegurui: Compulsive Gambler
- Episodes 1-9 - Yeah, I really really like this.
Re: Creators - Episodes 1-4 - Digging the concept. Didn't expect that epic soundtrack either!

Recently finished
Mind Game, Sword of the Stranger
- Enjoyed both, Mind Game more so.
A Certain Scientific Railgun S, A Certain Magical Index Season 2, Devilman: Crybaby, Snow White with the Red Hair Season 2, Durarara x2 Ten, Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam - Standouts were Durarara & Devilman however I liked all, Zeta though ...
Why you gotta go kill Emma, she was my fav :(

Currently Airing

Junji Ito Collection - Episodes 1-5 & Pop Team Epic 1-4 - Hit & Miss. Like others have stated Ito's story just don't seem to translate to animation well. Some standout stories though, the bug item story made me cringe as much as when I read it. I've spotted an image in the OP of another cringey story too, kinda not but kinda am looking forward to it :p
Dagashi Kashi Season 2 - Episodes 1-3 - Much prefer the idea of shorter episodes. Average.
Citrus - Episodes 1-4 - I had an idea of what I was going into but what I didn't expect was to enjoy the show as much as I am.
Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card - Episodes 1-4 - Fantastic!
Darling in the FranXX - Episodes 1-3 - Not very subtle :p I like though!
Overlord Season 2 - Episodes 1-4 - I enjoyed reading this arc so seeing the story animated has been a ton of fun. Sad that they left out a couple small bits but it's not an issue overall. Excited for the next arc!
Violet Evergarden - Episodes 1-4 - Wasn't too sure at first however the more I watch the more I'm having a great time.
Death March - Episodes 1-4 - I wasn't keen on the first book & recall saying some not very nice things but I have to say the more I read the more I like & the show is following the elements I've been enjoying! I mean they've kept the SOL aspects that I was worried they'd skip over/ rush through so thumbs up from me.
Love is like After the Rain - Episodes 1-4 - Here we have my current show of the season. I can forgive anyone for being switched off thanks to the synopsis however it's really worth a watch, not creepy at all! Beautiful animation, love it.
Oop! I'm also watching
Black Clover, Magus Bride & March comes in like a Lion Season 2.

Black Clover I'm only continuing as source readers say it gets really good. I still love Magus Bride & Lion continues to be incredible.
I used to use MAL for like all of 2 seconds years ago but couldn't be bothered to keep up so everything is mentally noted for me lol

I couldn't sleep last night (lord knows how *cough* Albion *cough*) so I decided to watch:

Rumbling Hearts #1-3

The most random anime I ever decided to watch after 2 so so (I actually watched those two eps a while go did nothing for me but decided to rewatch them) episodes the 3rd one surprised me... a time skip where the show doesn't take place in school but real adults? What madness is this? And an actual sex scene? I haven't seen that in an anime since Kamisama Dolls. Boy this show got a heck of a lot more interesting.
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After the Rain (Japanese audio) - Episode 4
BEATLESS (Japanese audio) - Episode 4
Killing Bites (Japanese audio) - Episode 4
KOKKOKU: Moment by Moment (Japanese audio) - Episode 5