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Discussion in 'General Anime Chit-Chat' started by Miaka-chan, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. IncendiaryLemon

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    Higurashi: When They Cry Rei-Episodes 11-13

    I am so glad it wasn't actually aliens, that would've been really dumb.

    Berserk (2017)-Episode 8

    Some amazingly grotesque creature designs in this episode. Next week looks interesting too.

    Hinako Note-Episode 7

    Screw Jason Momoa, Hinako for Aquaman please.
  2. NormanicGrav

    NormanicGrav The Eagle-Eyed Member Moderator

    Last week:

    Attack on Titan [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episode 7
    Berserk [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episode 7
    My Hero Academia [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episode 7


    BLAME! (Japanese audio) - Film
  3. orgun

    orgun Pokémon Master

    Armored Trooper VOTOMS - Episodes 12 & 13

    That completes the Uoodo City arc.

    Armored Trooper VOTOMS: The Last Red Shoulder

    Fills a big hole in the TV series. Not as good as Roots of Ambition but still very good and has some very cool ATs in it.
  4. HWR

    HWR Vampire Ninja

    Berserk 2017 episode 8
    This series has been very enjoyable, I'm glad they improved the CGI and are using 2D animation in places.

    Steins;Gate (Rewatch)
    episodes 7-24/OVA (Complete. This was even better upon rewatch, they pulled off adapting a very complex visual novel, with a tight script and a pitch perfect dub (featuring one of the all-time best VA performances from J Michael Tatum as Okabe, one of my favourite characters in anime). The idea of repeatedly watching those you love die before your eyes helplessly is one of the most unnerving concepts I've seen in fiction. I eagerly await the Steins;Gate Zero adaptation.) 5/5

    Amagami SS
    episodes 1-8
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  5. Joe

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    Serial Experiments Lain 1-13 (complete)
    Wew. Not completely sure what to make of this, other than that I certainly enjoyed it. Incredibly erudite, something which I am very much not, so I feel like the majority of the stuff the show is referencing and is influenced by is pretty lost on me. Like the other works I've seen in which Yoshitoshi ABe was involved in (Texhnolyze, Haibane Renmei), stuff is left deliberately unanswered (or otherwise, obfuscated), letting you come to your own interpretations and conclusions, though Lain certainly takes that aspect up to much higher than 11. My anime viewing habits lead me to rewatching shows very rarely, but this is I can definitely see watching again sometime in the future, if for no other reason than to see what things I pick up on in hindsight.

    Definitely enjoyed this one, I do enjoy some post-cyberpunk, and it makes me want to start on the manga (which was already on my radar due to the stunning architectural artwork). Visually, it's very nice looking, but unfortunately suffers from the same problem every 3D anime I've seen (which granted, isn't a whole lot) suffers from: the low FPS of the animations, along with a lack of any kind of natural motion blur, just makes the majority of the thing, character animations especially, really juddery and kind of hard to watch. It's a shame, because it's a really nice looking movie... just not in motion.
  6. Neil.T

    Neil.T Hunter

    Monthly Girls' Nozaki-kun (episodes 5–9)

    Only one word can describe how good this is: :D
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  7. Patient-X

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  8. DragonBlaze67

    DragonBlaze67 Pokémon Master

    My Hero Academia eps 5-9
  9. unknownfate

    unknownfate Thousand Master

    Mythical Detective Loki Ragnarok
  10. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    My Hero Academia-Episode 8

    Some good fights here, very much looking forward to some Uraraka next week!

    Attack on Titan Season 2-Episode 8

    Admittedly a slow episode with a pointless, if fun, flashback, however I think this is the kind of episode you like more in hindsight. It's nice to have a breather, but if you're watching it week to week rather than back to back, it can be rather frustrating to have not a lot happen. Still, the ending has made me incredibly pumped for next week, I hope it can bring some answers.

    Eromanga Sensei-Episode 7

    I knew in my heart of hearts it would probably happen, but I really was hoping they might avoid going down 'that road' this time around, but I guess I'm being too naive. I'm not actively enraged or disgusted by it or anything, it's just rather predictable.
  11. Sunshineabove

    Sunshineabove Dandy Guy, in Space

    Catching up on some shows

    Akashic Records of Bastard Magical Instructor - Ep 6-7
    Clockwork Planet - Ep 5-7
    I plan on watching BLAME! tomorrow
  12. Patient-X

    Patient-X Great Teacher

    Full Metal Panic
    Season 1, Episodes 1-17.
  13. NormanicGrav

    NormanicGrav The Eagle-Eyed Member Moderator

    Attack on Titan [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episode 8
    Berserk [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episode 8
    My Hero Academia [Season 2] (Japanese audio) - Episode 8
    Tokyo Marble Chocolate (Japanese audio) - Episodes 1-2 (Complete)
  14. HWR

    HWR Vampire Ninja

    My hero Academia episode 21

    Attack on Titan episode 33

    Amagami SS episodes 9-24 (Complete. This was an interesting watch, watching a slightly different scenario play out each time kept things interesting, though admittedly some arcs were better than others (I did skim through bits, which reflects in my rating.) It's a decent show, with characters who are likeable (if a little kinky in places) and a solid lead. I doubt I'll rewatch it anytime soon however) 3.5/5

    Amagami SS+ episodes 1-12 (Complete-ish. I admittedly skimmed through most of this, though I liked the concept of following on from the arcs in the last series, and it helped to wrap some things up nicely. I did feel however that some arcs weren't quite needed, hence why I skipped through chunks.) 3/5
  15. BanzaiJedi

    BanzaiJedi Pokémon Master

    Alice & Zouroku ep 4-5. That almost felt like an end of series episode. I had assumed that story thread would continue through the whole season, so I'm now wondering where it'll go from here.

    Berserk s3 ep 8. This was undoubtedly an episode of Berserk, there's nothing else it could have been.

    Eromanga Sensei ep 6.

    Saekano: How To Raise A Boring Girlfriend Flat s2 ep 6.

    Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation s3 ep 19.
  16. crashmatt

    crashmatt Thousand Master

    Blame! I really enjoyed this. The art really is something else especially the backgrounds you could make an art book all of its own. The animation still have a few issues. Mainly the framerate which at times is juddery and facial expressions still seem stiff much like KOS. Overall it's a straightforward story which kinda leaves you wanting more.
  17. Emulsion

    Emulsion Thousand Master

    Clockwork Planet episode 7.
    Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soul episode 7.
    Sword Oratoria: Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? On the Side episode 6.
  18. orgun

    orgun Pokémon Master

    Armored Trooper VOTOMS - Episodes 14 - 18

    Takahashi had definitely seen Apocalypse Now plenty of times when he wrote the Kummen arc of VOTOMS!
  19. Patient-X

    Patient-X Great Teacher

    Full Metal Panic
    Season 1, Episodes 18-24 (complete).
  20. st_owly

    st_owly Guild Member

    Attack on Titan season 2 episode 8
    The Eccentric Family 2 3-4
    My Hero Academia 2 6