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What Music are you listening to? Discussions Welcome!

Discussion in 'Media Discussion' started by NormanicGrav, Jun 18, 2016.

  1. Vashdaman

    Vashdaman Combat Butler

    wow, who is that guy? That's quite bad. Sadie is alright , I might've liked that tune if it wasn't over wifey riddim, wowsers that was an annoying tune in 07 or 08 or whenever it came out and it was no Stay with Me in my opinion, that one was a real classic. Tinie used to wish he was Ironic, and Sadie's no Shola either to be fair. Shola was even fire on that Giggs tune too, one of the few Giggs tunes beside talkin da hardest I actually like and pretty much just for her, as I don't really need Giggs' sexual bragging. Still, tune, and I love the way they quite inappropriately keep referring to it as "beautiful music".

  2. mrclt1994

    mrclt1994 Hunter

    Yeah Shola is definitely better. Only good tune Tinie made at that point was Hood Economics - but then Chip, Ice Kid and Wiley did the beat better than him on Westwood. Chipmunk got all the hype but Wiley's freestyle was better.

  3. ayase

    ayase Mushi-shi

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  4. Vashdaman

    Vashdaman Combat Butler

    wow, what a song. Sums me up almost as much as that scene in Trigun does.
  5. Blaize

    Blaize School Idol

    How many users here remember that Lauren Laverne was the lead vocalist in a pop punk band in the 90s?

    She was also the guest vocalist on this Mint Royale gem too
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  6. Lutga

    Lutga Mad Scientist

    Don't forget the brilliant Divine Comedy track she guest vocalled on too.
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  7. Buzz201

    Buzz201 Cardcaptor

    You could have probably just ended the sentence there... :p
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  8. Blaize

    Blaize School Idol

    @Lutga Thanks for the reminder

    Also since I feel it's mandatory (albeit cliche) at the mere mention of Divine Comedy, I'll post this
  9. I've had Denki Groove on lately. Absolutely wicked band. Currently importing all their records.
  10. Vashdaman

    Vashdaman Combat Butler

  11. MrLaserSharkKH

    MrLaserSharkKH Thousand Master

    Came back to Goat - World Music. There just isn't anything else quite like this anywhere in my music library with their concoction of Alternative Psychedelic Space Prog Disco-Krautrock Afro-Experimental Fusion. They truly are the GOAT at what they do!
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  12. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    Of all the criticisms Dream Theater often receive, about the only one I can generally agree with is the rather hit or miss lyrics. Over Dream Theater's almost 30 years of activity, they've only really had 3 primary writers, guitarist John Petrucci, drummer Mike Portnoy and keyboardist Kevin Moore. Sure James LaBrie and John Myung write on occasion, but between them, they've probably penned less than 10 songs over 13 albums, so I'm not sure they count. Of their writers, Portnoy has always been the strongest. Whilst Kevin Moore's writing was often far too abstract on sometime bordering on nonsense, and Petrucci's lyrics are often cheesy fantasy that can be fairly cringey, Portnoy mostly bases his songs on his real life. Weather is be any of the songs from the Twelve Step Suite or The Mirror, that dealt with his alcoholism battle, or Honour Thy Father, that was pretty much a big middle finger to his step dad, his lyrics always felt like they had more weight to them than the others. Not that the other two are terrible song writers, but I think most will agree Portnoy was the best.

    Of all the songs he wrote before he quit the band around 2010, I always think the 1995 epic 'A Change of Seasons' as possibly his best. Not only did he pen the whole song, which is a rarity for Dream Theater epics, with songs like Octavarium and Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence having lyrics contributed by two or more band members, but I think it's probably the most personal song he ever wrote. If you know the story behind the lyrics, it really gives them a gut punch. The song was written about the death of Portnoy's mother, and how him learning about the phrase 'Carpe Diem', 'Seize the Day' in Latin, led him to tell his mother how much he loved her, before a freak flight accident led to her early death. Knowing this story really contextualises the lyrics, and gives them way more meaning than if you just listened to them blind. Not only are the lyrics great, but it's possibly one of the best Dream Theater songs period, being the earliest example of a song they wrote over 20 minutes in length. Although I probably do like Octavarium better on the whole, I still have a ton of love for A Change of Seasons.

    What's pretty sad about it is that it showed some great potential for keyboardist Derek Sherinian, who makes his Dream Theater debut in 'A Change of Seasons'. He was only on 'A Change of Seasons' and 1997's lackluster 'Falling into Infinity' before him and the band parted ways. Makes me wonder if the studio hadn't meddled in the production of 'Falling into Infinity', leading to some turbulent times for the band, if he might have stuck around a little longer than one EP and one album.
  13. Buzz201

    Buzz201 Cardcaptor

    I had a crap day and had a huge fall out with a friend over their idiocy. (I think it's sorted now, but only because I let some of his dumb **** slide.) Listening to this on a loop is getting me through, I'm not even sure it's good, but doesn't love obscure American indie electropop bands?

    Last edited: Feb 16, 2017
  14. Demelza

    Demelza Adventuring Alchemist AUKN Staff

    I was surprised to find that All Time Low have released a new song! I've been following the band since they released their Nothing Personal album in 2009 and have loved their stuff ever since. Admittedly, this new track isn't as catchy as their usual 'leading singles', but I'm excited for a new album anyway.

  15. mrclt1994

    mrclt1994 Hunter

    Currently listening to Nines' and Wiley's new albums. Both are great.
  16. ayase

    ayase Mushi-shi

    Contemplating standing for election and using this as my campaign song.
  17. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    I still need to get around to the rest of that album.