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The Demon Slayer ost is excellent. There are some brilliant tracks on it, but due to their nature they're a bit on the short side.
Also unfortunate that they deicided to release it as a bonus disc with the Blu-ray, I would have brought it in heartbeat, but for now I have to use cough other means cough ☹


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Been listening to some of Ryuichi Sakamoto’s albums. His debut album Thousand Knives of Ryuichi Sakamoto is very experimental whilst Left-Handed Dream has some great tracks and several collaborations with Robin Scott of M. I also enjoyed Ongaku Zukan and though Neo Geo was a bit hit and miss it did have what I consider to be my favourite song of his- a collaboration with Iggy Pop called “Risky”.


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This song is like the most epic J-Pop/Metal whatever I have heard in a while. It's literally BABYMETAL's take on DragonForce power metal and it is fantastic.