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Been on another Carbon Based Lifeforms kick again lately, watched / listened / chilled to these two on YT:

I also burned the audio portion of the 5 hour CBL YT video out to CD to play in my car while traveling for work.


Whilst checking Spotify for the Promare Soundtrack, which is awesome, I thought I'd also search for the Dr. Stone Soundtrack. Sadly no Promare, but:


My Spotify top 5 for the year:

I got back in World's End Girlfriend after seeing a review of the album below, which is great, on TheAnimeMan's second channel. I had previous brought an earlier album Lay Lie Land and the one they did with Mono digitally, but when I first started using Spotify, around 10 years ago, the later albums weren't there and I sort of forgot about them.

No surprise that the year playlist is full of OPs and EDs and random pop tracks from my favs playlist.


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Rn it's Don't You Give Up On Me by Lissie. Also been listening to The Young Professionals, Alcazar, Sophie Ellis Bextor and probably some other stuff? Also really digging the "The Twelve Kingdoms" OP theme.


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At the station waiting for a rail replacement bus and listening to the Promare soundtrack. Never really done soundtracks before. (Only other one I've gone out of my way for was Sin City) but this one is very good.

Girls wIth Guns

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The next door neighbors and another friend are over tonight, we are watching a new Youtube video released by Gioli and Assia, two Trance DJs performing their music a few hundred meters from the summit of the active Mount Etna volcano in Sicily - what an awesome winter view above the clouds! They actually hauled a baby grand piano and the rest of their equipment up the volcano in two snowcats and performed their set on the edge of one of the inactive craters near the summit. The volcano last erupted in November 2019, so they definitely have some balls being up there performing only a couple months later - the summit itself is alive with steam and smoke in the video, as seen from a drone used during filming. Highly recommended viewing!

Giolì & Assia - #DiesisLive @Etna Volcano, Sicily [Electric Handpan]

Etna Volcano is one of the most beautiful and charming active volcano on Europe (3330m). Nowday has 250 craters. We were on the southern slope of Etna, right on the edge of the Barbagallo Craters (2920 meters) formed following the great eruption that lasted from 27 October 2002 to 29 January 2003. This eruption was called "The Perfect Eruption". Etna Volcano is considered one of the most explosive in the last 100 years and is also considered the most destructive from an infrastructural point of view.

We drove from Palermo to Etna around 3 hours, with all instruments and piano on our van. After arriving at Rifugio Sapienza Etna, with all the team we started climbing the volcano 7am with the piano on a pick up and the rest of the instruments on 8 different cableway (for 15 mins). After getting the cableway, we all moved and get all the gears in a snowcat for other 20 mins to reach the highest point, close to the chasm of Etna. It was super hard and exhausting for all of us to go up there and bring all the instruments plus the piano, but the stunning and huge view from the top worth it!

Last words from the volcanological guide before starting the set were: "During these days there is more pressure on the chasm then usual, if it will continue this way and something should happen, we must leave all the gears here and go!"
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Lil Peep, Heilung, Slipknot, Korn and Ludovico Einaudi I've been listening to lately with the odd random one song like Chaos Chaos - Do You Feel It?, Selena Gomez - Rare etc too.


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I'm finally playing Deus Ex: Mankind Divided several years too late, and it reminded me how much I love the original's music.

Would genuinely make the anthem for my semi-benevolent world government.


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I mostly listen to Enya and similar kinds of music when I'm not listening to anime ost's.


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My recent musical endeavours include diving into Barry White and their singles-that man had a voice like no other ever could. I also revisited the two Depeche Mode remix compilations which were a real mixed bag of great, experimental and downright shite.

Elsewhere my musical tastes are all the place as usual though I’m usually discovering new songs from artists I’ve been listening to for a while, especially from recent favourites like Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian and back catalogue dives into long-standing groups like The Residents who have a vast array of albums.


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It came to my surprise that during the opening credits for Color Out of Space that Colin Stetson composed the music and I figured I'd revisit his music.

This piece gave me Saya no Uta vibes:

This particular piece was used for the Uzumaki teaser: