What manga are you reading now?


Mushishi vol 10 (complete)
A nice collection of stories that feel like they could have happened in an era before industrialisation. I think one thing that made them more interesting was that not all of them had a happy ending, some were more neutral and some even had sad endings.
I still say that the anime is better as each chapter got it's own episode so both cuts and original material were at a minimum meaning everything that comes with being animated (colours, sounds, music, etc.) just enhances the stories without them being diluted or changed.
I gave every part of the anime 9, so I'll give this an 8/10


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
I Cannot Reach You volumes 3-4 (JP) - I just had to know what happens next! Now that I'm caught up in Japanese I can swap to reading the latest chapters on Pixiv, so less double dipping for me since I still want to own the English releases too...

I Have a Secret (complete)

Durarara!! SH volume 1 (LN) - a nice return to DRR with a new cast. Things have changed but it also feels like we never left this chaotic town.

Love Me, Love Me Not volume 3
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash volume 17 (LN)
Sweat and Soap volume 4
The Emperor's Lady in Waiting is Wanted as a Bride volume 1


Za Warudo
World's End Harem vol 9
More depravity

The main Lovesickness story is very good and Ito creates a very foreboding and creepy atmosphere as hes so often great at. Then come some short stories that are a touch more hit and miss but are generally good.

Bakemonogatari part2
Another excellent entry in the franchise. The Kanbaru story was my favourite of the first season of the anime and it was a blast to read it.

World's End Harem Fantasia vol 1-3
In WEH you have a handful of guys with different personalities who behave differently and are treated differently. The big problem with Fantasia is that theres only one guy the story is focussing on and the nature if his power is undeniably rapey. Certainly not trying to say you cant deal with heavy themes but the guy is the hero of the story so it's all in pretty bad context.

Dragon Slayer

Mad Scientist
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest ch 84

Houkago no Goumon ch 84 - 85

How Not to Summon a Demon Lord ch 68.1

I, a Demon Lord, took a Slave Elf as my Wife, but how do I Love Her? ch 34

In Another World With My Smartphone volume 14 & 15 (Light Novel)

In Another World With My Smartphone ch 54

Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san ch 146 - 147

Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san ch 186 - 187

Seitokai Yakuindomo ch 609 - 614

The Rising of the Shield Hero ch 76 - 77

Tsugumomo ch 139