What manga are you reading now?


Combat Butler
Full Metal Panic: Rampaging One Night Stand
This is the weakest arc in the anime but I was pleasantly surprised to say I enjoyed more here even knowing what was coming.


State Alchemist
Dragon Half - Omnibus Volume 1

A whole lot of insane fantasy fun. Don’t expect much in the way of depth or character development (or really, plot) but absolutely recommended for anyone who enjoys retro ridiculousness.
Mushishi vol 6
Seems to me that some of the stories aren't quite as interesting as the earlier ones as we are now past the half way mark of the mangas run.


AUKN Staff
MADK #1 by Ryo Suzuri
Given #5 by Natsuki Kizu
Viewfinder #10 by Ayane Yamano all actual paperbacks from SuBLime at last (hoping they'll get the seventh and final volume of Crimson Spell.)
The Vampire and his Pleasant Companions #2 by Marimo Ragawa and Narise Konohara from Yen Press - which is really well drawn and written; a very different take on what it means to be a vampire.
Those Snow White Notes #1-3 (digital-only from Kodansha) Marimo Ragawa again.
Super HxEROs vol 1
A wise man once said you can't spell hero without H & Ero!
Just checking the first volume because 2 is out soon.
The art is definitely better than the anime which took these character designs and simplified them a bit into your average run of the mill anime design, plus you can see more detail 😏 as the anime didn't get a true uncensored version as it aired like Interspecies and Redo, just a less censored version.


Student Council President
Golden Sheep vol 2-3 (complete)
As much as I enjoyed it, it felt like something was missing that could raise it from good to great. It has some nice concepts, but the execution is a bit too straightforward or something. I had the same feeling with "The Gods Lie." but to a lesser extent. On the other hand, the included one-shot "Love Letter" was a nice surprise (didn't even know it was included).

A Tropical Fish Yearns for Snow vol 7
Each and every volume continues to be amazing. I really like how the parents actually play a role in the story and notice changes in their children, instead of just being oblivious or not even there at all. Though you could argue Konatsu's father is both oblivious and not there for her, but at least that's part of the story and not out of story convenience.
I really hope the final two volumes can properly wrap up the story.

Digital (MANGA Plus)
Rosario+Vampire chapters 1-4
Mission: Yozakura Family chapters 21-50
SAKAMOTO DAYS chapters 14-20
WITCH WATCH chapter 11
i tell c chapter 12
The concept is getting a bit stale IMHO.


Great Teacher
Just in the middle of (well three quarters through) Please Save My Earth Volume 18 - I am now aiming for one volume of manga a week to keep me making steady progress with one series at a time, might not seem like much but it's more manga per week than I was reading before, and even if I don't end up increasing it any time soon I could finish at least one great longer series a year that way or 2-4 shorter ones :)

Edit: have finished Vol. 18 now :)
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