What manga are you reading now?


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^I need to catch up on Noragami too... manga falls by the wayside because I read too many light novels :rolleyes:

Side-by-Side Dreamers (LN) vol 1 (complete)
Eh. Reasonably interesting premise, some nice dream imagery and reasonably well written, but it's too darn short to really leave an impression. Not bad considering I read it on JNC pre-pub but I wouldn't recommend the actual release to be honest.

Dragon Slayer

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Asmodeus Will not Give Up ch 24

I Work as a Healer in Another World Labyrinth City ch 1-9

In Another World with My Smartphone ch 31

World's End Harem ch 64.2
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Servamp Volume 12 - by Strike Tanaka. The anime TV series only introduced one of the main characters (Tsurugi) at the very end but the manga continues to follow the bitter conflict between the Servamps and the agents of C3 who are out to destroy them. Still worth reading as various mysteries are about to be unraveled...


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Vinland Saga chs 81-86 (end of volume 12/book 6)
Things aren't going well back on the farm and they're still oblivious to what has happened elsewhere.
I'm guessing I'm beyond where the anime will get to by now unless it's rushed, I guess it depends on whether they think they'll get to do a second season or not.


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After the Rain Volume 4 by Jun Mayuzuki from Vertical contains Vols 7 & 8. I love the TV series and the manga is just as delightful (if a little different): charming, touching, funny - and thought-provoking. 'With manga you never know where things will go!' says the mangaka in her bonus page at the end.


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Infinite Stratos (LN) vol 8
I ask myself why I'm still reading this at the end of every volume, and I still don't have an answer. I did enjoy Ichika actually calling the girls out on their behaviour right near the end of the volume though and not backing down about it. Even if it didn't produce any substantial changes.

Kokoro Connect (LN) vol 6
Chihiro you absolute little ****. Although I guess the redemption in the second half of the volume was pretty good. It also lent well into plot development - Heartseed actually laughing. Felt like a lot was condensed into a single volume, but managed to do it without feeling rushed somehow. Pretty impressive.

Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody (LN) vol 8
Hmmmn, some interesting things. And an actual romance subplot. This is just a comfy series for the most part (some disconcerting aspects, aka Mia and Arisa, aside). It does feel like it might be about to pick up the pace though.


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Kokoro Connect volume 6 (light novel)

Sweet Reincarnation volume 1 - Not sure if I'll stick with this one, but it's pretty easy to read on JNC so we'll see.

Fullmetal Panic volume 2 (light novel)

Red Sprite (complete) - This got added to the WSJ vault and given I'd read three chapters when it was a Jump Start I figured I might as well finish. It was okay for a cancelled series, managed to bring things to a decent enough close for me to be satisfied.