What manga are you reading now?

Candy Color Paradox Vol.1 Isaku Natsume Great to have this series from SuBLime at last - and I can't wait to see how the translation goes (we're up to 4 volumes already in French but SuBLime will be catching up and bringing them all to us)! Review to follow...


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Love in Focus volume 1

After Hours volumes 2-3 (complete) - Really great series, only picked it up after listening to the recent ScreenTone Club episode and got really engrossed in it. :)

Anonymous Noise volume 13 - Another terrible cliffhanger :(

Haikyu!! volume 31

To the Abandoned Sacred Beasts volume 7

The Ancient Magus' Bride volume 10 - A school arc really isn't where I saw this series going back when we started, but volume 10 has won me over to the idea quite easily.

Dead Dead Demon's Dededede Destruction volume 4
The Devil is a Part-Timer (LN) vol 12
Ooh, now this was a good volume. Honestly, I was a bit indifferent about this series until the Emi abduction/return to Ente Isla arc, but since then it's been really very good. This volume deals with the (primarily emotional) fallout of that arc, and it handles it well. The development in Emi and Maou's relationship is good, and their motivations and feelings are well articulated. I'm curious as to where things go from here for them. Honestly the hints of a harem developing are a little frustrating, but who knows if that's the actual direction it'll take. It looks like we're about to hit the "main" story as well, so here's to hoping that's as interesting as it's been for the past few volumes.


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Voices of a Distant Star (complete) - Picked this up as a bit of research before the novel is released later in the year. I do enjoy seeing Shinkai's works from ever angle possible.

Flying Witch volume 5

A Very Fairy Apartment volume 1

The Magic In This Other World is Too Far Behind volume 1

Bloom Into You volume 3

Silver Spoon volume 7 - I burst out laughing when Hachiken and Mikage go on the shrine date and the girls all come out to stop Keiji from joining them. I really am fond of this series and it sports the kind of humour that only Arakawa can craft. It's stupid, heartwarming and insightful all at the same time~