What manga are you reading now?

The Asterisk War (LN) vol 8
Continuing to get closer to big things happening. No huge reveals, but certainly plenty of hints and clearing up of a few ambiguities. Another consistent volume.
Then something big happens right at the end. SAYA IS THE FIRST TO TAKE THE NEXT STEP. Chances that it'll be ignored next volume? Pretty high. But it was nice to see anyway.
Made in Abyss vol 5
This series is so dam visceral at times I really don't want to read it... particularly considering how scummy the most recent obstacle was. Seriously. But the world building is just so darn interesting...

Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle vol 5
Ahh, this is just such a funny and comfy series. Although honestly this volume was a little weak at times, it's still good. And the art is so consistently lovely.
Hakumei and Mikochi Vol 4
7 chapters with 1 being split into two parts. 5 appeared at various points in the anime and 2 are new to me. 1 sees a couple of side characters interact and the other a busy day at a festival. Only one episode hasn't appeared now, probably in 5 out in April.
Vinland Saga chs 1-3
Some cool action in the first 2 and then backstory in 3 which continues into 4, but I have to stop for tonight.
Not sure the crossbow stuff in ch 1, seemed too far away for them to be that effective in real life! And really, CPR! in ch 3!


Adventuring Alchemist
AUKN Staff
Mushishi volumes 7-10 (complete) - a really great series, I'm glad I could read all of it through to the end thanks to the Humble Bundle. ^_^

The Devil is a Part-Timer! volume 9 (light novel)
Karakai Jouzu no (Moto) Takagi-san ch 75

Tachibanakan to Lie Angle ch 31

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime ch 53—54

Why Are You Here Sensei!? ch 39

World's End Harem ch 58