What Games Are You Playing?


Still on Neverwinter Nights 2 and stuck in Blacklake where I keep getting my ass kicked as I 'have' to travel with a party the game chooses and they are aweful


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im playing NWN2, WOW, Oblivion, Dark Messiah and Gothic 3 lol obviously not all at the same time if i could do that id be trying to take over the world rather than play games ;)


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Aliens versus Preator 2, counterstrike, bf2142, Civilization warlords
and a little bit of dark messiah

and looking forward to getting portable ops in the post


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Got Heroes of Might & Magic some time ago & that's the one I'm playing now, mostly. Of course, there r the occassional games on DS though, but M&M is taking up most of my time. Will have to ditch this soon for a better game. Hope to get some new ones this X-Mas...


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Been playing the Sims 2 like an addict these past couple day, i can't stand it when my sister plays with it for hours on end, but now its running alot more efficiently on our computer i've been playing it all day

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been playing Zelda Twilight Princess, a lot lately, a masterpiece of a game.....
but i am trying to play it in small chunks so that it will last me a while...
but its too hard to resist!


Complete GTA Vice City Stories yesterday at work so I will now be attempting to complete all the little side missions..... I will also be shopping for a new PS2 or PSP game after christmas, I hope there will be some good releases out.

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Hovis! said:
Currently playing Psychonauts on the PS2. Wonderful little game. Quite amusing too.

Same guy as Day of the Tentacle ... you know its going to be funny.

I swear I have never seen a game so funny ... just wait until the Lake Monster. Out of an extremely funny game thats my favourite. Lots of J-references there too. (I won't spoil).

There is something deliciously warped about the battles inside peoples heads though.

Great voice acting too.