What Games Are You Playing?

Ico and Resident Evil Outbreak file #2. Ico owned, awesome game though terribly short, and Outbreak is so much better than the first one, but has 4 levels instead of five. v_v
man i have a big list of games i am playing at the moment.
Tales of symphonia - GC
Fire Emblem - GC
God Hand - PS2 (This game is very cool, but poor gameplay mechanics)
Atelier Iris 2 - PS2
Magna Carta - PS2
Tales of Eternia - PSP

and also trying to do a side quest on Paper Mario (GC), i have been trying to do this forever but can never do it! tooo F*****G hard!.
its the pit of a 100 trials side quest.....too....h.hard.....

LOL i just noticed that all of them are RPG's apart form God Hand.
I've got back into Table Tennis on Live big style.

I've had some SUPER-close games over the past couple of days...really exciting stuff.

Some people bailing out of the game when I was beating them too, which is lame...but at least I get the W.
Currently playing Killer7. I haven't played much of it yet but its definetely a game that shows that video games can have "mature" storyline and not be just for cheap-thrill seekers.

I'm not even past the first section either, and I've heard its a fairly generous sized game.
Finally completed GTA San Andreas today, did all the side missions as well... so not good have to wait now until Neverwinter Nights 2 turns up, hopefully I'll get it tomorrow
Quick goes on Samurai Warriors 2 (I've had my fill for a little bit, though it's fantastic), more Shadow Hearts: Covenant (been on hold for a few days) and .. Atelier Iris, which arrived the other day (got it from Play's October Blowout as listed here on the gaming bargain thread), really enjoying it!
too many to name but the other day i bought sonic mega collection which is sooo cool old school sonic is the best. my bro thinks i wasted my money cos i already have the games on sega mega drive
AsI've now completed GTA San Andreas I have moved on to my latest purchase of Neverwinter Nights 2, this should keep me gaming for a while and then it'll be time for GTA VCS and NFS Carbon