What Games Are You Playing?

Unit 0

Magical Girl
Like JAKEMAN's "What music are you listening too?" but instead "What games are you playing?"...

I am currently playing Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords. Its really good and has got me playing on my Xbox again, cuz I haven't been playing on it for a while.

So what is everyone else playing?
Just had a few games of Pro Evo 4. Doing a Master League on 6 stars :D. Damn computer cheats though. It has to be one of the most infuriating games in the world.
Kingdom Hearts(of course)
Final Fantasy X
and whenever I have the strength Final Fantasy X2(Some of it is just plain fanservice!)
Well i recently bought Chaos Legion, which i hoped would finally be a game with the Final Fantasy type graphics but with out turn based strategy type game play i had been looking for, but it turned out to be just as repetitive in the end, so i'm going to give that a rest soon. And move on to Haunting Ground, so far only my sister has played it but i will give it a go soon, not sure what time of the day i should play it though.
I was also considering re-playing one of my Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings games.
And still searching the shops to find Devil May Cry, i could by the second one, but apparently the first is better
I've been playing Tales of Symphonia since christmas but I haven't had much time to finish it. I'm near the end I think now. I've started Baten Kaitos not but I'm not far through that. I've just got onto the second disk. I really don't have much time at the moment to complete the games but I will after my exams finish.

I also have Metal Gear Solid waiting for me to play. It's sitting gathering dust on my desk.... I hear it's not too good compared to the others though. I'll make my own opinions.

I think I'll pick FFIX up again since I'm not finished with it yet. I've finished all the other FF's. Can't wait 'till XII but that'll be a while from now. XD
necromancer_1983 said:
The first DMC is definitely the best. I really want to play Haunting Ground.
I've been wonderinf about Devil May Cry 1, it's a relatively old game so i was wondering what the graphics are like compared to the newer games.
Also, i will tell you how Haunting Ground fairs when i play it, i've watched my sister play a bit and it looks pretty good, but she said she got a little bored but i will see for myself
Anybody here about the new version of MGS3, MGS3 - Subsistence. I hated the fixed pespective of MGS3, Subsistence has a new 3rd PP YAH!!!!

The only problem I have with DMC1 graphics is the crappy conversion CAPCOM did, so the screen is surrounded by black borders. Other than that the graphics are very good.
necromancer_1983 said:
Anybody here about the new version of MGS3, MGS3 - Subsistence. I hated the fixed pespective of MGS3, Subsistence has a new 3rd PP YAH!!!!

Wow thats thge first time I have heard of this! That sounds great, if there are a load of extras like the other substance I might by this one as well.
I'm partway through .hack//QUARANTINE, although I've temporarily stopped whilst I revise for my exams. I'm also partway through any number of games that I started and then put aside to return to at some unspecified future point.
Im playing .hack/sign vol 2 at moment, im getting for my B-day where im getting my sis and mum to buy me the vol 3 and vol 4 of the game. they siad they would not buy me anime for my B-day so i cheated and got them to buy me theres two as you get a ep from the anime .hack//LIMINALITY. dont tell them want to suprize them when i get them :p
I only play one game and that's Phantasy Star online for the gamecube (but off line!). I love it and have done so for 3 years :D
I currently have 4 new characters )I started again about 3 months ago):
level 75 female hunter android - Midori.
level 25 female newman force - Kurumi.
level 27 male ranger android - ELK.
level 16 male human force - Xellos (me and my daughter play multi with him, she has a level 14 female hunter newman!)
Well I loaded MGS3 up and... err... Well, this always happens with MGS games. I load them up, sit through an hour of (interesting but too lengthy) story, get plunged into the game and. Well, I flap around like a fish out of water. It's been an age since I played on the PS2, so I've forgotten all the controls and on top of that, i'm being bombarded by new features and moves. In other words, I'm completely confused about what the hell i'm doing as usual. I may shelve it until after my exams are over out of sheer bafflement :p