What Games Are You Playing?

Had yesterday off work (back here today) and spent the whole day trying out random maps on CS:Source, so many good ones I haven't played before, like Militia and cpl_mills, and nuke these are now on my fav list.
No really new games have entered my possesion recently.soo its basically back to whatever i can find to keep me occupied..the PZ series again lol, just to get the rest of the costumes and such
Sudeki - Xbox - Huge let down really.
Wario Ware - Gamecube - Haha, nose dripping game...ah.
Resident Evil 4 - Gamecube - ...*w*;;;
Maple Story - PC - Gotta love it :D
Fort Luis - PC - xD Game made by a good friend, loads better that I thought it'd be - just like a GBA RPG xD;;
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney - Awesome! Why can't all games be as fun and involving as this one?

Tetris DS - I was playing Endless on Standard Mode for about a week. I had maxed out the lines and level scores (999) and my total score was over 60 million - then I paused it to wipe the d-pad and forgot to select continue before I pressed start again :( I'll try again one day....

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask (The Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Disc) - Very atmospheric, and some of the puzzles are killing me. I haven't played it for a few days though so I really need to get back to it.
Back on NFS: Underground 2 at the moment I was wanna start racing 4x4 trucks. I didn't bother the first time around so its time to get a humvee onto the starting line
Got bored and started playing You Don't Know Jack - brilliant quiz game on the PC hosted by Paul Kaye aka Dennis Pennis. Basically no matter how you answer right or wrong he takes the mickey out of you and its always funny.
Finally - finally! - started playing Resident Evil 4 again after a four week absence thanks to an animè and Star Trek film splurge!

Just finished the sequence when you rescue the President's daughter from her metal shackles and managed to navigate her small sequence in the game.

Just remembered what a compelling title it is. :)
resident evil on the DS(oh no's..they brought back some live action cut scenes :?) and also elder scroll's IV oblivion since both arrived today