What Games Are You Playing?

Currently playing Breath Of Fire 3 on the PSP its ok but its really easy to miss some of the important items as the camera angle never changes unless to manually make the characters peer round the map from above
currently just finished the pirates of the carribean area in KH 2, taken a 2 or three minute break cause i need to go to the shops then carrying on
I've always got a dozen games on the go, but the ones I've been playing most recently are Zelda: Wind Waker, SD Gundam G Generation DS, Ouendan and Skies of Arcadia Legends. Also play Street Fighter Alpha 3 with the guys at work a lot, and just picked up Fantavision, which is brilliantly trance-inducing :)
Went out today and as I was ill decided to treat myself to a new game to help make me feel better, Bought Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition (after looking in 2 ASDA stores, 3 Game Stores, Tesco's, Blockbusters and HMV) I found a copy in a small Gamestation store and have been playing it all afternoon and loving every minute.
Just finished Alundra. A huge Zelda rip-off, but a great one at that.

And the sequel's just as good, despite what everyone else says. Sometimes I think I was the only one that liked Alundra 2.
Ah i played those two :shock:

Alundra 2 seemed a lot more simplistic than the first one though i always got stuck under some uderwater cavern so i can't comment much.

Currently playing final fantasy 6 and i finally found a japanesse copy of ff3 :shock:
We have Alundra two..and i always found it a good game for its time, still like it but haven't been on it in a while..last i checked methinks i was getting the final sword and shield but that was it...heh always like the darts on it

on topic, i have been playing Astropop on the xbox live arcade..and also been on umpteen different RPG's over the last 2 weeks.
I've finally dug out the copy of Shadow Hearts: Covenant that's been sat in the cupboard forever and started to play. I'm enjoying it, it's no masterpiece but it's perfectly good for its cost.

Samurai Warriors 2 is swallowing hours of my time, it finally feels like Omega Force have pumped out a Warriors game that they want people to actually play instead of just buying it cos it's got Gan Ning "Look out wimps". Will probably be playing those two games for the next few weeks, then pick-up Metroid Prime again and try to get further.
Currently restarting GTA San Andreas, played it all day yesterday and made it outside the first city, I just got up (about 10:30am) and will now start another GTA marathon :D I forgot how awesome the game was
I used to play WoW, quit the game last week having played it 11 months (its no fun when you suddenly loose about 40+ friends :( ). Currently playing nothing special, few of the games on my 360 but find myself going back to Halo 2, simply because of the fun factor online.