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What Games Are You Playing?

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by Unit 0, May 26, 2005.

  1. Gemsy-chan

    Gemsy-chan Dragon Knight

    Has anyone played Yakuza? I'm interested in it and it grabs me but I'm not 100% sure
  2. Rena Ryuugu

    Rena Ryuugu Oyashiro-Sama

    Finished Persona 5 today, had a fantastic time playing and loved every moment. Definitely my GOTY. Bring on the Persona 5 spinoff games <3

    Definitely has to be Makoto, I really love her personality and character, as well as an awesome Persona. Did like the teacher and Hifumi as well
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  3. ShipTeaser

    ShipTeaser Dandy Guy, in Space

    so, just finished my second play through and Platinum of Persona 5. Full review and grind report to follow tomorrow after I sleep. 150 hours invested didn't leave me much time for that up to now heh...

    Edit: Anyway, review time. Spoilers of course will be marked.

    But first, in a continuation of my preliminary review after the first clear, short answer to the question of is Persona 5 worth buying, well, yes. It is an extremely polished and good game, as one would expect of the Persona Series, and I would score it in the 9.5-9.75 bracket. Out of the 150 hours I played, 148 were pure pleasure, only a couple of hours of annoyance at some of the puzzles on the first playthrough weren't blissful enjoyment.

    Anyway, first up, how does it stack up to Persona 4? Gameplay wise the combat has been improved a lot, the stylish new menu system is a real plus and makes combat operations quick and easy.
    The non-randomised dungeons are excellent on first playthough, but lose a little charm on the subsequent one, but this is still stronger than the dungeon design in previous iterations. With their own randomised dungeon still in, it feels like that base is covered too, but the randomisation really sucks being honest, so they could certainly have made improvements there. The dungeon puzzles are all simple, but a couple involve a lot of backtracking and confusion the first time which I found really frustrating for an hour or so, and those that don't (Such as the lit floor puzzles) are usually so easy they might as well not be there.
    The exception to this is the mouse puzzles, which I found quite well implemented, as well as the security camera/beam ones, which while stylish, were also kinda pointless too i guess... ok, the puzzles aren't great.

    The demon talk way of getting persona is very cool, although sometimes it feels totally random which can be a teeny bit annoying.

    Sound is excellent as always, I can't decide if I prefer the battle music on 5 or 4, and that means it's an excellent track you'll be hearing in your dreams after playing for sure. And Rivers In The Desert is like one of my favourite game tracks of all time
    Daily time management... seemed quite a bit easier to get through than Persona 4, I felt I had more time available, so on second run-through I quite easily dealt with Max Confidants and so on. But it is a ton of fun as you'd expect.

    And now into potential spoiler territory I guess.

    Character wise they are all pretty well formed and decent, and you quickly grow to care for the characters and their troubles.

    The main character certainly feels cool, he has a certain demeanour and a suitable amount of snark, he feels a little edgier than Yu, but still bland enough to serve as the player cypher. Overall I wanted to see him succeed in his endeavours

    On the first playthrough I went Makoto, and this is certainly the angle the game is pushing, in the cut-scenes and little events. And she is pretty great. Although to be fair her reason for joining the Phantom Thieves is kinda weak, and her backstory pales compared to all the main characters. Still, her Confidant Arc is well done, and she is a worthy best girl

    Second Playthrough I went Hifumi, the Shogi girl, and for not being a main playable character she is certainly awesome. As good as Makoto i'd say and thus joint best girl. Her Confidant arc and events are as adorable as hell, plus she seems like so totally happy to be your girl.

    Third Best Girl would be Futaba, and while I never romanced her she fills that little istser role perfectly, and is delightfullt adorable, in a needy geeky sort of way. I'd fall bad romantically purusing her, but she's still a best girl in her own way

    The side characters seem much more rich than Persona 4's, especially the romance options, and I very much enjoyed all the interactions with them. The only thing I would change is I would make having a romance with a side character a little bit more viable, maybe add them into some of your events at the cafe etc. It would be a lot of work, but to push persona to a 10/10 score it would be a must.

    As I alluded to in my first provisional review, I had a feeling something was up with Igor just because of the voice actor, which was like... good job me!
    I also suspected the hell out of Akechi - and not just becuase he gives of serious Adachi vibes... although he does. He was just too smarmy and superficial, and I had him pegged before the pancake, but that only solidified it for me. Anyway I thought it was reasonably well done, but the whole drugged thing making you miss events as you play the game and remember them latter could have been handled a touch better.
    Shido... oh man, Shido ... what an asshole, I wanted him to get his comeuppance pretty damn bad. In fact they did a FANTASTIC job of making the villains scumbags. They also made me worry for the safety of characters, such as Makoto when she was first being a dumbass with Kaneshiro. Seriously if that wasn't a game she'd be either dead or wish she was...
    Anyway the overall darker story worked, and the whole popularity drive was something kids who got superpowers might do, even if it wasn't sensible.

    Grind/trophy wise it isn't actually so bad, maybe a little easier than Persona 4, as I felt that there was more free time, and the navigation lines trophy seemed way easier...
    There wasn't really any grind per-se, the longest was getting to 95 to fuse the top level personas, but you can cheese that in an hour with the flu trick if you don't want to spend an extra few hours grinding before the last dungeon. It really isn't hard to level though.
    This one was quite fun, the hardest part is taking both twins down at the same time or a 4000 HP ressurection spoils your day. I had fun with this, but as ever Yoshitsune spamming Hassan Tobi will go far to kicking ass over everything not physically immune...
    The reaper is similarly tough but again Hassan Tobi spam or Lucifer spamming boosted morning star will do it... or you can just flu cheese it of course, though that's a bit anti-climactic.

    Overall, I would say Platinum Difficulty of 7, just for the time commitment, but a grind rating of 3.

    So, in conclusion, awesome game, full of neat improvements and little touches, and one which deserves to be Platinumed!
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  4. HWR

    HWR Student Council President

    I've just completed silent Hill 2 and it's one of the best games I've ever played. It's unnerving atmosphere and eerie vibes never lost their touch throughout my playthrough.

    Now I'm moving onto Silent Hill 3.