What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Stand User
Are they magnetic closures? Looks like it. Love that dragon box.
Yeah the dragon in the rainbow foil has come out really nice. Basically there was a whole load of options and you could pick and choose how you wanted it to look. So leather, wood, border design, symbol design, colours, interior design. Some options cost extra like the 'dragon skin' leather effect i went for but I feel it was worth it.

Yeah magnet closures. And they are set so they are indented on one side and stick out on the other
So when they shut they're locked in place which is a nice touch.


Monsieur Monster
AUKN Staff
I thought I wasn't going to get the Satelight store cover for the Symphogear XV Key Animation Notes, considering I ordered them and the Design Archive from Amazon JP, but I did!

Animators really do deserve a lot more respect. The first Key Animation Note book is just the transformation sequences for the 6 gear users. Hibiki's for example, has anywhere from 6-15 frames per page, and totals 55 pages - for 56 seconds of footage! Here's a sample: