What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Arrived today:



I was unsure if I was actually gonna bother with this but I'm weak so here we are. Probably gonna wait until after FF7R before playing it regardless.
I'm waiting to see if Sainsbury's stock it (Nectar points, £30!, and staff discount). They didn't have the original because it was an "anime game" 🤔 To be fair the first dungeon does have a giant penis monster as a sub boss IIRC.
If not I can buy vouchers for Argos (from Sainsbury's), although it's not on their website. Maybe because it's not technically out yet or now because they're owned by Sainsbury's the same nanny thinking applies (of course all the violent 18 rated games are still available).
Next option is to buy either an Amazon voucher (for physical) or PSN voucher for the digital version, again from Sainsbury's.


I thought I wasn't going to get the Satelight store cover for the Symphogear XV Key Animation Notes, considering I ordered them and the Design Archive from Amazon JP, but I did!

Animators really do deserve a lot more respect. The first Key Animation Note book is just the transformation sequences for the 6 gear users. Hibiki's for example, has anywhere from 6-15 frames per page, and totals 55 pages - for 56 seconds of footage! Here's a sample:

Really does show the work that goes into the series, but when you’ve done that many frames, some general interest in how animators often hold back that’s a bit too much, surprising I haven’t heard more about the crunch symphogear had to go through


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In today's episode of what did Grav receive this time around...

The 2018 anime film I Want to Eat Your Pancreas has arrived from Amazon. This is the Manga UK release which uses the Madman discs. £8, can't argue. You can view more photos and specs over on my blog.

The cure to everyday boredom is more monster girls.

Yesterday, I received the first two volumes for the light novel series Monster Girl Doctor (Monsutā Musume no Oisha-san) from writer Yoshino Origuchi and illustrator Z-Ton. There’s an anime adaptation airing this Summer (assuming that it doesn’t get delayed) by the studio behind We Never Learn: BOKUBEN.


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Probably Simply Games or Square store, both shipped earlier in the week. Shopto is shipping today and Game Collection is shipping tomorrow. All physical copies are sold out atm.
Yeah Game have been shipping Deluxe Editions today (or at least mine has), not sure about Standard Edition copies.


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Shopto is where I preordered from as I couldn’t afford the soldier 1 version after the delay glad now with the Coronavirus making money more important than before.
I will get the CE of the next game probably.