What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

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They didn't say explicitly the 9th, but on their website under my order, they were saying "the day before release"... which is the 9th.

All this is moot anyway, since mine showed up today, so I guess despite telling people they aren't shipping them out early, they totally are?

Nice, so you did order from Game - hopefully mine is here soon too. Did you get your "shipping" email yesterday?


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Some random £4 tees (hit and miss selection) from Qwertee and The Koker Trilogy for just shy of £8 from eBay.


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In today's episode of what did Grav receive this time around...

Final Fantasy VII Remake I ordered last Monday from GAME and to my complete surprise, it shipped early with those who ordered ages ago. It arrived today (it would have been Saturday but parcels don't get delivered to my location on weekends). This is the Deluxe Edition which includes a steelbook, artbook, mini OST and a DLC code. The Data Disc (Disc 1) is 45GB and the Play Disc (Disc 2) is an additional 45GB which you can start the game immediately. You can view more photos and specs on my blog.

Kirk Wong's Crime Story (重案組) and Sammo Hung & Corey Yuen's Dragons Forever (飛龍猛將), both featuring Jackie Chan, surprisingly arrived early (it was initially scheduled for this Wednesday). Happy to confirm these are both the first print releases which include a slipcover and a booklet. Dragons Forever is on two Blu-ray discs because it has the English cut, Japanese cut and Hong Kong cut of the film.

You can view more photos for these two 88 Films releases here: