What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


At this rate, Christmas will burn
AUKN Staff
In today's episode of what did Grav receive this time around...


Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory & Afterglow of Zeon arrived today. This includes both the OVA Series and theatrical film. Like the main series, Nozomi discs but Region B. You can view more photos and specs on my blog.


Another Japanese film has been acquired and it's Takashi Miike's For Love's Sake. This is currently one of the rarest Japanese films on UK Blu-ray and I found it after a long search through both CeX and eBay. Now I have all of the out of print titles from Third Window Films secured. This is also the 13th Takashi Miike film I own of like over 100 that are out there.


Combat Butler
Hopefully my copy of 0083 will arrive tomorrow, I'm getting a bit jealous seeing everyone else's 😋
Same, no sign of it as of yet. Postie is going to love me though, just cleared the backlog in my pull list. €200 in comics and manga, still have €200 worth of Gunpla on hold though...

That's what I get for going to Japan for 2 weeks at Halloween, finances have just about recovered. Also helped that I have no work expenses atm while still being paid. Just found out I won't be back in work until August, public job ftw.