What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Student Council President
Arrived yesterday.



Straw Hat Pirate

Wireless controller for the mega drive part of the super retro trio plus I got (which took Amazon 2 weeks to ship because of their prioritising essential items policy).


CCG’s Reaper
AUKN Staff
Due to the pop-up design and flimsy sleeve this didn’t arrive in the best condition-nothing to do with HMV but Studiocanal and their packaging choices.

Girls wIth Guns

Pokémon Master
Very nice to get a hold of that Madoka set nowadays - I love that sort of rubbery-velvet feel to the finish on those boxes. I need to dig my set out and fondle them a little, now, lol...


Vampire Ninja
Just got this one today, was supposed to receive more stuff today, so I'm hoping it arrives later this week, as some of them are birthday presents for my brother on Saturday.


Student Council President
As usual, everything arrived in one day. Today I had four packages. One of the Easter sales at Anime Ltd, another from amazon.co.uk and my big package with orders from the USA at the turn of December-January (proxy shipping). Yes, it was sailing for a good 8 weeks.

Anime Ltd sales:

Finally, I decided to buy the ultimate version of Cowboy Bebop. The box is amazing. Beautifully made and very good materials, something wonderful. Same with every element. If there were vinyls, OAV Cowboy Bebop and generally better materials (episodes in better quality than in the standard edition) or hardback artbook, I would consider it a brilliant edition. This is "only" SO great.

My vinyl soundtracks have great packaging. Oh no, the space for new ones is over? ;)

Orders from the USA at the turn of December-January:

K-On box is amazing :)

Yeah, Asterisk War series complete in Aniplex limited edition :)

Amazon.co.uk orders:

Blood-C movie in limited edition for 2,5GBP... lol ;)

That's all. I have something to watch, I know for sure. The funny thing is that a lot of these things have been inaccessible for some time, and they just got to me.