What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


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Can't say I'm a fan of the first one, but the later is usually not my thing and ended up really liking it.. give it a try.
Sure I might as well.
Watched the first few episodes well when you're right you're right. I guess this one has been saved from CeX. I expected a mopey love story but instead I got a tale of vengence (that will probably turn into a mopey love story though).
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The upscale is pretty good but only on s1 atm it’s showing how crap the lighting is and how grey the sets are ngl.
Bargain for £37 ngl due to all the old special features
Apparently they could only make limited improvements to the first few seasons but the later ones seem to look better. The number of special features on here is insane, probably the best value I’ve seen in a non Doctor Who related Blu Ray.
I assume S7 will look the best due to single camera but shame S7 is not good.
And its funny my Doctor Who S11 shipped today same price and looks like sod all special features only bought due to probably wanting to rewatch it over the next year.
They’re lacklustre because of the editing imo. I can’t say there’s any OFAH I really didn’t like.
I hope that if Red Dwarf sells well that the BBC will look to releasing other classic comedies on Blu Ray. A lot of the discs for classic shows are very old now and could be improved upon.
Royal Flush has Del being so horrible it’s so out of character. And Miami twice is some like road trip with really stupid moments. God I don’t like it. It’s my favourite comedy but the only episode I despise I feel is strangers on the shore it’s awful and just not funny. Only 16 years old and it’s aged terribly.
Iirc that’s why they actually edited it in the first place and made it worse. Miami Twice I remember being fine, but I’ve only ever seen the dvd version and it felt a bit oddly edited.

The only time I really found the series unfunny was that game show with Jonathan Ross. To quote Bottom “Eddie you’re as funny as Jonathan Ross”/“But he’s not funny”/“Exactly” it felt so out of place. Honestly despite having a soft spot for Sleepless in Peckham they should have left it at the 1996 trilogy, they were never going to top that elevator scene.

Still good to know we have some OFAH fans on here, some quality cushty comedy right there.