What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

it is funny how critics have made it sound like the episodes of season 11 are the greatest eps of the entire run of the show,
i tried my hardest to enjoy season 11 but couldn't which is a shame as i'm such a huge fan of Doctor Who fingers crossed for season 12 (but not holding my breath)or whenever the next Doctor is
also just because heres a pic of my Doctor Who collection (bad quality pic)
that is so cool, serioiusly love it
I got into the return of nuwho, not quite old enough to see the last few seasons of the bigger run, and yup I'm with the consensus on 11.
politics aside, it just looked like chibnall wanted to write what he wanted, not something necessarily sci - fi or Dr.Who, thing is, when you lazily add on scifi to something that initially doesn't have those kind of themes, it just looks awful, 11 seems like the usual stuff was an add on to a drama or something