What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!


Captain Karen
AUKN Staff

I had no idea that the Yu-Gi-Oh season was a US copy. Pretty sure this officially gives me the world's most inconsistent collection at this point:


Received from MusicMagPie

Hayate the Combat Butler Seasons 1 & 2, YU-GI-OH GX Season 1 (US Release)

Received from Amazon US


Received from MVM (Anime-on-line)

Blue Exorcist Kyoto Saga Part 1



School Idol
And here's the pick thing i mentioned whileback.

Sadly though i'm getting the new Monster Hunter game from library soon (probably tomorrow) so i can't really focus on it until i get that one out of the way. I'm probably still going to play a little bit of it once the patch downloads.


Thousand Master
My haul today. Been waiting for Ichi the killer definitive since I heard about it, shame they didn't include the anime prequel. British wildlife documentary (BBC seem to release a lot more of these internationally than domestically) Sidonia + Tiger & bunny thanks to @PilibO