What did you RECEIVE today? PHOTOS EDITION!

Discussion in 'Random Chit-Chat' started by bakum4tsu, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Neil.T

    Neil.T Magical Girl

    Damn, that's really sh*t luck.

    I know exactly how you feel. :mad:
  2. D1tchd1gger

    D1tchd1gger Straw Hat Pirate

    From Zavvis 10% off box sets when you spend over £30. Ordered this yesterday, but haven't got Outlaw Star which I ordered the day before (I'm sure I picked the same delivery type for both ie the cheapest). But that's nothing compared to the stuff from Zoom which still isn't dispatched from last week even though they took the money!

    EDIT: Scratch that. From Zoom
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  3. Demelza

    Demelza Adventuring Alchemist AUKN Staff

    DRRR and Your Name pick-ups.jpg

    Durarara!! x2 Ten and Your Name: Another Side - Earthbound showed up today :D
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  4. Gemsy-chan

    Gemsy-chan Za Warudo

    Came today, wasn’t expecting it as it still says unfulfilled on my account

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  5. Jon O Fun

    Jon O Fun Great Teacher

    Has anybody received their £19.99 copy of Shou yet? Got a shipped email last week but still a no show...
  6. Dave1988

    Dave1988 Straw Hat Pirate

    Nope in the same boat mate...8 days it's been shipped. I've emailed Jeremy and easy told me another will be sent out...no one seems to be getting there copy's of it
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  7. antonusklesk

    antonusklesk Dandy Guy, in Space

    Same here, no show Shou for me as of yet - very strange that it seems to have happened to us all, but Jeremy said if it said shipped then it's shipped. Can't possibly be the case if the same is true for us all, surely.
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  8. Greboruri

    Greboruri Completely Average High School Student

    Don't usually buy figures, but decided to collect Bandai's Robot Spirits <Side Labor> series. Already have Ingram Unit 1, so I decided to get the two rarer figures; Ingram Unit 2 and the Tyrant 2000 & Construction Scene Set. Both were originally only sold via the Premium Bandai website. I got these two second hand (though they're virtually brand new and unopened) via AmiAmi.

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  9. Blaize

    Blaize Adventurer

    I have considered getting these as well, though I consider getting alot of figures but can never justify it to myself.
  10. serpantino

    serpantino Straw Hat Pirate

    [​IMG] 20171122_105246.jpg
    Zavvi strikes again! Outlaw Star came in a really thin jiffy bag and I grimaced as I heard it hit the floor. I'll be pursuing a replacement or a decent partial refund because, even though it was cheap, I'm not happy paying the same as someone who gets an undamaged product!
  11. HWR

    HWR Stand User

    Ajin: Demi Human Poster arrived today. Now to get a frame for it...
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  12. IncendiaryLemon

    IncendiaryLemon Captain Karen AUKN Staff

    Luckily my OS set arrived in one piece. Also got the last [REC] film, nabbed it for £4 odd from Music Magpie, which is pretty good.
  13. D1tchd1gger

    D1tchd1gger Straw Hat Pirate

    Outlaw Star is here:


    My postie knocked on my door, but I was prepared just in case. Thanks to @serpantino for the heads up.

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  14. Dave1988

    Dave1988 Straw Hat Pirate

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  15. Patient-X

    Patient-X Straw Hat Pirate


    Never received a despatch email for Shou and my order history still says unfulfilled but here it is. Pulse was a fiver in the recent Arrow sale. Also received my Ajin: Demi Human poster.
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  16. serpantino

    serpantino Straw Hat Pirate

    LOL I do actually keep a cushion at the bottom of my letterbox too but I kicked it out the way yesterday when my food shopping arrived and forgot to put it back >_<. Still.... I've been offered a 25% refund which sounds ok to me. I'm not planning on selling it on and I don't care too much about these things, it's just the principle.
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  17. Joe

    Joe School Idol


    The first gospel of our lord and savoir, Daigo Umehara.
  18. Dave1988

    Dave1988 Straw Hat Pirate

    Woooow someone's actually recieved shou....wondered what it looked like...and now I know it's hit me that I never received mine so emailed them asking to cancel my hyouka set aswell
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  19. sideways

    sideways Student Council President

    got my Durarara X2 Shou set and 2 Cardcaptor Sakura artbooks

    IMG_20171122_140510.jpg IMG_20171122_140533.jpg
  20. DragonBlaze67

    DragonBlaze67 Death Scythe

    Received Death Note Omega Edition and Robotics Notes SAVE today. Thought the artbook in the Death Note set would actually be an artbook and not a one shot manga so a tad bit disappointed, oh well. Robotics Notes have a reversible cover too.


    Robotics Notes reversible cover: