What did you BUY today?


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do i dare ask how Evil Dead looks in 4K? i remember it looking pretty rough in HD probably doesn't help it was filmed on a camcorder iirc
Filmed on 16mm, it's surprising how good it actually looks. There's some shots here and there that look a bit soft but that's probably down to the source rather than the transfer. It's also in the original 4:3 ratio, I think the BD was cropped to 16:9? Evil Dead 2 also looks really good.



Got myself a nice Christmas present this year. Was thinking to buy it for a while already, after reading kobalt reviews on this site.
I am obsessed with the having a nice garden and prefer to do everything myself.
No one can do the job better than me and i know it.
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I picked up a set of Edifier R1700BTs powered speakers with both wired and Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, to connect to my All-in-One PC, for when we watch anime outside on the back deck in the summer. Also many uses inside the house, connecting my phone, laptop, or TV to them. Amazon US had them on a Cyber Monday Sale on Sunday for $139, regularly $199. Curiously, today on the actual Cyber Monday, they are not on sale, and back to their $199 price, so I'm glad I snagged them yesterday! 🤔

Edifier R1700BTs Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers - 2.0 Wireless Near Field Studio Monitor Speaker - 66w RMS with Subwoofer Line Out

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A portable CD drive for my new laptop. Just something nice to have when I get some more CDs to be able to rip them to my laptop without having to mess around with firing up the old laptop to copy and paste