What did you BUY today?


Ordered a purple PS5 controller as part of trhe "days of play" promotion and pre-ordered The Quarry which I am excited for in a foolish attempt to combine shipping (it didn't work but I still saved £10 overall than I would have with Amazon).


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I got these leatherbound (or some similar synthetic) poetry books with gilded edges on all the pages from Homesense, been reading the Romantic Poetry one which starts with lots of William Blake (and also contains poems from William Wordsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Lord Byron, Percy Bysshe Shelley and John Keats) - it’s really beautiful poetry


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Signed picture number 15!. This time from Zehra Fazel aka General Yunan from Disneys Amphibia. Aka the Scurge of the Sand Wars!. Defeater of Ragnar The Wrecthed. Annnnnnd the youngest newt to ever obtain the rank of general in the great Newtopian army!!!!!!!........Zehra's also best known as Halo from Young Justice and Zahra from Glitch Techs (the Nickelodeon show that was held back for months before being dumped on Netflix)

Oh and heres a 3 plus minute montage of some moments from her in Amphibia


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Now the new PS+ is out in the UK, I bought Wild Arms on the PS3 PSN store as it's cheaper giving me the free upgrade on PS4 (and eventually PS5 when I get one).

Also finally got around to getting one of many games on the US PS3 PSN store which we never got in the UK which was Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Plan to get a few of the SMT games on there as well as the Project Zero / Fatal Frame games among others.


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With ebays 10% off used items I've gone for a corsair 2x8gb 2666 ram set (Thanks @SAHO )

Currently have 2x4gb 2400 that shipped with the laptop and I noticed idle 5.9gb were free

Internal graphics card has 2gb dedicated and 3.9gb shared ram so unless I'm reading it wrong, under heavy GPU load the ram could be a bottleneck

So to hopefully get a few more years out of her hopefully the extra 8gb will be good

And at £35 hardly a bank breaker


Edit, Actually I read that wrong, well kinda, under normal load of a few tabs being open it shows at around:
5gb were used
2gb were cache allocated
1gb were free

What explains why I never saw the ram go above 6gb, it was bottlenecked within seconds and had nothing free to use.

Seems I've gone from justifying something I likely wont notice any difference with.. To something that actually needed upgrading
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